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Rotten cover artist needed. its just a name. you actually need to be quite good

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  • [Wanted] Rotten cover artist needed. its just a name. you actually need to be quite good

    Hi guys,

    There are exciting times ahead and I need a little help.

    I'm putting together a horror anthology book, based on aload of short 3-10 pages stories that I have written.
    The good thing about this book is that there is no aVampire, Werewolf or Zombie in sight!

    I know they are fan favourites and we all love them, but Ididn't want to be just another walking dead or American vampire wannabe.

    Each story is firmly anchored to reality and when people readthem I want them to think "wow that could actually happen!"

    I have a few artists working on the stories which areshaping up quite nicely.
    I wanted to see if any of you guys fancied having a crackat doing the cover?
    (let's face it covers are more fun)
    The only stipulation is that it cannot have anythingsupernatural on it and it also needs to have the name of the book, which wasgoing to be rotten but I've since found out that there is another book called that. So I'm trying to come up with another one.
    It just has to be iconic.
    You have total freedom to create a horror masterpiece.

    So if any of you guys wanna have a go let me know.



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    Cover arttist

    I'm interested in doing the cover.
    You can see some of my work;

    Best regards.

    Diego Martinez

    [email protected]


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      Hey, I'd love to check out some artwork on this, big horror fan, and I would be willing to give the cover a shot, i'm a artist that mainly does horror related pieces, so feel free to contact me.

      You can check out my artwork at

      feel free to "like" it if you like what you see!

      also I know all my work is Black and White but I know a few comic book colourist that can handle that stuff to so it's not a problem.


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