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  • [Hype!] Paradox Kickstarter

    Hey guys,

    I'm Jack McGuigan. I have a Kickstarter going for a comic book that I'm writing & lettering called PARADOX. It's about an old cowboy and a teenage girl from the 80's traveling through time closing wormholes. It's sort of like if True Grit was Doctor Who. The first issue's about a dinosaur attacking the suburbs in the 80's, just like it did in your childhood daydreams.


    $10 gets you the actual comic. Fabulous prizes abound. I only need to make enough to pay the artists and print the comics that people pledge for. Just want the comic to exist, is all.

    And if you want to see what's already done before you commit:


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    woah, that sounds interesting.
    I'm almost sure that Image would pick it up if you submit this to them.
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      Man, I hope so. Just need to make it exist first.


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        Loving the sample Sequential's you got up. Really polished professional work yeah got there. The concept with “Cowboy and Dinosaurs” is excellent as well. I'll try ordering as soon as possible.
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          The artist has a very cool style in his characters- I hope the book does well!


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            Very nice. I've been curious about Kickstarter as an avenue for comics. Solid book you've got there, gonna snag a copy myself. Are you cool with others promoting it, like posting the link on FB?
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              Originally posted by SRScribe View Post
              Are you cool with others promoting it, like posting the link on FB?
              YES, absolutely. I insist that you do. Every little bit helps, man.

              And I would recommend it. Kickstarter, I mean. I'm almost at the goal, with about a month left to go, and only half of it is friends and family. A good chunk of my pledges are from Australia, actually. Cause of the cowboy guy? I don't know. But, uhm, my advice is to appeal to an Australian audience as much as you can.


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