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Kickstarter- 2 small press interesting projects

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  • [Hype!] Kickstarter- 2 small press interesting projects

    After pondering kickstarter for a while, we have decided to give it a shot, so here are our projects:


    With Chosen & Forsaken, we decided to take a new look at zombies, where the Apocalypse is only the beginning, and the zombies are merely an appetizer to an even greater threat. This story is full of disgusting twists and turns and heavy on action, as the writing of Eric Watkins is brought to life by Armando Rillo and Vladimir Popov.


    Our other project, Nightmare Unknown, brings readers the tale of a city that probably sleeps way too much while dreaming terrible dreams. Masson City is the location for the tales of the weird, the disturbing, the noir, the heart-wrenching, and the violent. In this series, creator James Maddox takes a page from the Twilight Zone and pushes to bring a long line of episodic tales that explore more of the dark alleys and gritty pavement that make up Masson City. The more stories that readers come across, the more they learn about the main character of the comic, which is the city itself.

    So welcome to Masson City: Where the likes of Raymond Chandler and Franz Kafka come to play.

    These two fun and interesting projects are currently up for backer support with many fantastic incentives. Go check them out and support small press! Thanks for your interest!

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    Great presentation video for both projects! Can't wait to see both of them when there finished! Any comic with good mystery is always a fun concept.
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