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Who wants to help a guy make a story for a comic book?

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  • [Wanted] Who wants to help a guy make a story for a comic book?

    Ok soooo here is my idea (* = im going to fill it in later):

    There once was a old folktale of two beasts who fought constantly over the world. One wanted to blanket the world in harmony and the other wanted the world consumed in darkness for himself to control. Since they were complete opposites they cancled each other out. One day the "evil" fowl used all of his might in a attack against the "good" dragon; their power made the earth shake and the heavens roar. The battle ended with the "evil" fowl seriously injured on the ground (His body decomposes and radiates energy but his vigorus soul remains) and the "good" dragon in constant pain, blind and continually flying through the clouds; his body turning from physical to spiritual (His physical body decomposing in the air and emitting energy).

    * years later in the year 20**, the corpse of the fowl is studied by humans and the dragon's spirit almost dies out. With the dragons last bit of energy he locates the nearest source of a * pearl ('cause those types of pearls makes dragons stronger) to survive. He enters the pearl necklace of 15 year old Andrew Fall (italian-american). At the time Andrew was with his freinds 16 year old Lee (british), 15 year old Jordan (black), and 14 year old Ryan (latino) eating pizza and watching t.v. The impact of the dragon's spirit entering the pearl sent a energy wave out and it hit the teens. From that energy wave Andrew gained the ability to manipulate wind, Lee gained the ability to manipulate fire, Jordan was able to manipulate electricity and Ryan had the ability to emit concetrated lazer beams.

    The impact knocked them out and when they woke up the dragon spirit (residing in Andrew's pearl to grow stronger) pleaded for them to help him eradicate the fowl's spirit with their newfound power for the sake of the world. The fowls spirit needed to be destroyed so that the dragon could leave the land of the living knowing that the fowl was unable to continue his goal. Along their quest they will meet dangerous foes like a grim-reaper themed no-nonsense vigilante, a cunning and ruthless mob boss who can manipulate blood, a sickly man who thrives on the destruction of life and a mysterious masked group of people whos power are greater than many!

    So now that you read my story idea can you guys help me on making ideas for arcs or overall character storylines? Also if you have any questions about the story then ask


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    Alright, I'll see if I can help out a bit here. First off, if you want it to have a single arc spanning the whole series, you'll need to start with planning 5 elements. First off, the beginning. Self explanatory, and it seems you've got a good handle on it outside of specific details. Next, you need something to ratchet up the major conflict and seriously kick the heroes out of their comfort zones. Once you're done figuring out how everyone reacts to that event, figure out how to escalate the conflict. After that, you'll need the climax - the single moment where everything is on the line. Finally, you need the ending, where the questions are wrapped up.

    Let's take my (hopefully) upcoming webcomic as an example: It kicks off with a prologue that establishes the setting (post-second-civil-war USA), then skips forward to the plot and introduces the main characters and the main conflict of Resistance vs. CIA. After spending a bit of time getting to know our heroes and villains, the villains kick the heroes out of their routine. The heroes spend a bit of time reacting to this, and then start to take initiative and hit back. This culminates in all out open war between the Resistance and the CIA, then ratchets things down to show how things turn out after that war ends.

    Things to keep in mind - you still need to build the plot around the characters, not the other way around. If a plot element relies on a character acting entirely out of character, e.g. a genius not knowing information that by all rights they should or a usually outspoken character hiding their feelings about something, don't use that plot element. At the same time, characters need to develop.

    All in all, I'd say you've got a pretty solid setup here.


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