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Artist wanted for webcomic of rock'n'roll badassery!

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  • [Wanted ($)] Artist wanted for webcomic of rock'n'roll badassery!

    Hey guys! I've been dipping my toes into finally following my dream of making a living out of writing comic books and while I have a few things in the works, I am seriously obsessed with creating a great webcomic. It's immediate, it leaves a lot of room for experimentation, there is a fantastic community backing them up, and who doesn't like reading through a whole archive while forced to stare at a screen at work?

    But even meandering. I'm looking for a cool artist that I can collaborate with on a regular basis. In essence, I want a partner, someone who gets what I'm throwing down and has awesome ideas of their own. Writing is great and having an artist conjure up what you put in a script is an amazing feeling, but I am longing for serious collaboration. HOWEVER! I know that cranking out a page of script a week is nothing compared to a page of art, so I'm offering some pay. Not a lot, honestly, but we'll see what I can afford.

    Here are some specifics:

    The comic I've been working on is a mix of Wild Zero, FLCL, Scott Pilgrim, and Calvin & Hobbes. Sort of. The cast consists of high school/college age characters, the main character is a girl, ambiguous sci-fi-ish setting, there's a healthy dose of both teenage drama and frantic action, and, on the surface, it's just about starting a band and making it to the top. It can get a little deeper than that, and there will be serious moments, but the comic is really meant to be a really fun thing to read that will put a damn smile on someone's face.

    I'm open to different styles, although I'm not looking for much in the way of "traditional" comic art, I guess you could say. If I had to pick the perfect artist for this gig, I would point at Skottie Young, Chris Bachalo, Dean Trippe... those are just three off the top of my head and not indicative of an exact style or anything (I have been pleasantly surprised before that a completely different style than I had in mind worked better for a story). If you're still developing a style, that's totally cool. I would love if I could help you learn as we go, since I'd likely be doing the same.

    Anyway. PM away! If you prefer to email, I can be contacted at adam [at] If you want me to actually read your email, be sure the subject reads "WEBCOMIC OF DOOM," otherwise it'll probably get lost in a shuffle and I need to know you've read this overly long message in the first place.

    ROCK ON!

    p.s. If you live in the NYC area, BIG bonus points.
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