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Artist needed for future-noir graphic novel with publisher (paid)

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  • Artist needed for future-noir graphic novel with publisher (paid)

    Hello all,

    My name is Brendan Cahill. I'm writing a book tentatively titled The Inferno, and I'm looking for an artist. This project has been in the works awhile. The good news is that it is green-lit at a prominent independent publisher. The bad news is that the artist who was attached can no longer do it. Which opens up the opportunity for you!

    The Tech Specs

    Timeline is immediate. The book will likely be graphic novel-only, not individual issues. The first book is 7 issues long (154 pages), so it's a relatively weighty project. We're looking to get it out within one year. The faster, the better, of course. If it does well, there would be further books. Yes, there is money.

    The Genre

    The Inferno is what I call future-noir. Cyberpunk-y, sci-fi-ish, but with an emphasis on character and personal conflict over technological concepts. Mature readers. The language is explicit and realistic, and violence, drug use, and sexuality are dealt with frankly.

    The Pitch

    The future. The Inferno sprawls under a bruised red sky, a city of concentric, descending rings, modeled after Dante’s vision of Hell. Down in the back streets, Luc Rien, a young, down-on-his-luck mercenary has a chance at making big money--all he has to do is deliver a prototype cyborg panther to a rich scientist who wants to dissect it. But when Luc forms a strange bond with the panther, he has to decide whether to hand over the cat and solve his financial problems, or save the cat--which means double-crossing his employer, and getting himself into a world of trouble with the most powerful men in the Inferno. Nothing’s ever easy.

    What I'm looking for

    Ideally, I'd like to find an artist who can produce complete pages (pencils/inks/color) or at least pencils/inks, but I'll take a look at whatever you've got.

    Stylistically, I'm open. You'll have to be comfortable visualizing a futuristic world and its inhabitants. Realistic over cartoony. Character over action (though both is better). Professional--both your work and your work ethic. Need to be able to draw a cyborg panther.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, you can email me at bc (at) I'm located in Northern California, willing to work with someone in a different location.


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