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The Grab Bag Collective issue one is finished and for free via PDF

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  • The Grab Bag Collective issue one is finished and for free via PDF

    Hey guys, if you can remember a few months back I posted a link looking for contributions to a new artist publication designed solely to promote artists and their work to a bigger more wide spread audience.

    Well Issue one is finished and compiled and available now for free download. The GBC will be hitting cons in the next few months to promote the hard copy of the book to sell for upcoming issues.

    I want to give a big shout out to the majority of contributors on the book that are fellow PJ'rs!!! These guys were nice enough to want to jump in on the first issue and make it happen with awesome contributions!

    No particular order, The P.R. Man, Ekotek, Killustration Studios and I comprised the majority of the content of the first issue. We really appreciate you guys taking the time and having the patience’s while we tried to get this off the ground.

    Issue 2 is in the works, no need to waste time right . We are hoping for more people to contribute. This is a free opp for you as an artist to get some work printed and help people see your stuff!

    If you want more info, please pm me or email me at [email protected].

    I'd be happy to answer questions.

    If you want to download the first issue for free, check out the link here at megaupload, it’s about 30mb but full of goodness.

    Floppies are in the works if you want to purchase a copy as well.

    The GrabBag Collective issue 1

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    Nice first issue. Thank you Tyler for the opportuinty and thanks to my Buddy Pigeon for the kind words. Hopefully we can offer something for the second issue.



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      Very cool guys. Read through this yesterday and recognized a lot of the art from PJers from other threads. Hope you keep doing this, it's a really awesome idea.
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        Thanks for the replies!!! I hope you guys like the pdf's
        You can't succeed unless you fail-pigeonmilk


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          I was very excited to see the final PDF - can't wait to get my hard copy!!
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            Hey guys! Totally didn't see this thread! We made a few revision to improve the look and feel of the first issue. We just ordered two hundred copies, which will be in our hands in three weeks!
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