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Hiring a Penciler/Inker for Comic

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  • Hiring a Penciler/Inker for Comic

    I work on the creative end of the LA tech industry and just so happen to moonlight as a comic/film writer. I've got the stories and the characters in my head, but a 15" machete pressed against my throat couldn't inspire a straight line out of me. Needless to say, I'm looking to collaborate professionally with sequential pencilers/inkers. This is a paid partnership.

    + Title: Good Grip
    + Concept: Guile Good seeks immortality by revolutionizing the way Americans get off, only to learn that the internet has begun to cheapen his life's work and whisk his audience away.
    + Genre: Action/Comedy
    + Issue #1 is 24 pages
    + Looking for quality similar to this ( & but I'm open to different styles, especially something more western. Samples are from artist Doraya and Atsushi respectively. *NOT an actual page from Good Grip*

    Despite the concept, this is certainly not an explicit comic, but there is a lot of partial nudity and implied sexuality. The cast is largely male, so artist must be comfortable drawing the male form confidently. This project will be a lot of fun to work on if our stylistic DNA's match. And trust me, I'll be doing the footwork to promote it heavily. I'm excited to get this off the ground and am looking for a laid-back artist who I can trust to deliver quality work, on time.

    The Process:
    • I'll send you the script and we'll speak conceptually/visually
    • You'll be paid 20%
    • You'll send me character designs and we'll finalize
    • You'll be paid another 20%
    • You'll complete sequential art for 24 pages
    • You'll be paid the remaining 60%

    If interested, please send me the following information via e-mail ([email protected]):

    1. Your page rate for pencils/inks/both
    2. A sample of at least 4 pages of sequential art, preferably an entire book
    3. Availability/Contact Information

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    Thank you everyone for your submissions. This position has been filled!


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