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  • Creative team idea

    I want to get a group of people together and as a unit create something we all care about.

    Basically, any position is ideally needed to get this started... from inkers to artists, writers to letterers and colorists. I want everyone who is interested to have a say in the idea and we create it as a unit. We would pitch our ideas to one another and pick the best one from there... the script would be produced and handed down the ladder, etc. etc.

    I really hope I don't check this post later to find a lot of people bashing this idea... I just wanted to create a creative team with other people trying to break into this complicated industry.

    email me at [email protected] if you are at all interested!

    thanks everyone!
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    Not trying to bash you man, so take this as constructive critisism and don't be offended,

    More information is needed before anyone would take this seriously, what would your role be Exactly? Would you ink, letter, make coffee, ect, without knowing what skills you have to invest, why would anyone want to invest Theirs? Do you have any contacts that would get this off the ground to whatever it goes into, be it webcomics or ink and paper, e book, ect.

    Another thing is you've got eleven posts, a collaborative effort like this is better suited to folks sitting around IRL. Its indeed possible to do over distance, and is done quite often, like uggabuggas rorshaq/wolverine collaboration that he and beastie are doing a fantastic job organizing. The difference is their group has participated in many things on PJ together, and trust developed from familiarity has been formed.

    Not raining on your parade by any means, I'm sure you and some other folks could put something fantastic together, but youve gotta put some time in letting folks get to know you if you want any serious responses. Post comments on peoples art, on their scripts, go get berated by dr null, heck, go argue about how completely batman would defeat Mo.d.o.k. in a poker game. Looking back, most of your posts have just been asking for (insert creative position)

    Good luck man, hope to see more of you and possibly collaborate.
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      Thanks P.R. Man no doubt you are right that I have approached this wrong. I am basically new to PJ and have honestly only came here to post and try and find help. I do view artwork of others, however have not left any replies. I post here because generally I get a good amount of responses and have gotten two projects off the ground from my minimal amount of posts alone, so I know the community here is top notch (hence the reason I keep coming back).

      But I am an aspiring comic book writer and letterer, I have connects due to various people I have lettered for and my small anthology stories I have gotten published. However, I hope to have a team create a project we can submit to decent sized companies.

      Regardless, thanks for the help and see ya around.
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        Hi supersalt

        Yeah, Penciljack DOES try to get this kinda thing going quite regularly -- and you'll find any such projects in THIS section of the site.

        I believe that the current collaborative project is coming to its climax at present - and, as its been successful, I'm guessing that a 2nd project will spring up quite quickly.

        I would therefore suggest that you lurk around in that section until you see something start to spark - and jump on board.

        I don't think that, as a newb, you'd get a massive response to your own project proposals (because people don't know you - and the idea that you might disappear after 2 weeks would be at the forefront of their minds). Best to show your worth in an 'established' project first.
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          I have to say I'm with the guys on this. Develop your own idea and look for people who would suit it, not create some kind of story factory. Good luck!
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            Supersalt, your idea has some merit. I've even mulled over the logistics of something like this. What I'd suggest is trying to find an artist first that might be interested and go from there. A committed artist will be the hardest part to all this and once you have that in place, the rest shouldn't be too hard to follow.
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              Well thanks Amadarwin, I half expected to have a lot of negitive responses to this and everything they have to say make sense... I do need to form some form of presense here at PJ before anyone takes it or me serious. But I have gotten a few replies which gives me hope to find some people still willing to do the project.

              Either way if anyone is curious to my writing ability or even if they want to read something I have started just to bash it... I posted something on the writing section called "the condors first ten pages"

              Take care
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                Excellent, good to see you working on it. I also suggest going on sites like Deviantart and getting in touch directly with people as this often helps you to develop a group. Good luck
                We did it! Issue 20 Subconcious Pt 1 is up now! Thanks to all who have contributed and supported us!


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                  If I can humbly make a suggestion here you said that you are a letterer if you want to develop a relationship with some other creative people you should play that up write now more than the writing. Everyone doing a book needs a letterer and they are hard to find. It's what I call the bassist syndrome letterers, much like bassists in rock bands, are unsung heroes because if you are really good at the job no one notices your work so it's not quite as glamorous as being an artist or guitarist but it is essential to making a good product. So I think you should consider putting those talents to use as a foot in the door and then when you've made your cantacts put the team of your dreams together.


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                    Thanks guys for the suggestions. And its funny you bring up the Bassist Syndrume... I was a bassist in a touring band for over 4 years haha I know exactly what you mean by that.

                    Yeah as of now I've managed to collect another writer, a colorist and penciler! The post has worked out pretty good in my favor...

                    Regardless, I'm also lettering for a book with a team that is putting together the finished product to submit to companies and another project I'm lettering for Arcana. So I would be stretching myself thin right now trying to add another to the list (even though I just noticed the post on the Bulletin Board looking for a letter)

                    Thanks again everyone for helping me out and carrying myself more professionally on PJ.
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