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The Gathering Storm: Awesome Storm Justice Recruitment

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  • The Gathering Storm: Awesome Storm Justice Recruitment

    Things are heating up at Awesome Storm Justice headquarters, but we need your help.

    In order to complete the project, we're looking to find pencilers, inkers, and colorists willing to throw in and show us what they've got. Same as always, these positions are on a strictly volunteer basis, but the experience you'll receive and the networking you can accomplish may prove to be invaluable.

    Besides the ongoing story of Awesome Storm Justice 41, a new project is currently being developed. Details are scarce, but suffice it to say that the wise have already begun to prepare for what's to come.

    Should you choose to ally yourself to our cause, register your codename at, and send word of your intent to AwesomeStormJustice @
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    Yes sir.........................


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      We're still looking for artists of any kind and any calibre. There are a number of roles to fill.

      - Pencils - 1 page of sequential art to complete Episode 41
      - Pencils - 7 covers for Episodes 35 through 41

      - Inks - 35 pages (including covers) spread out over multiple episodes.

      - Colors - 60 pages (including covers) spread out over multiple episodes.

      Any help with these would be appreciated. Even if you can only do a few pages. We're also currently searching for artists on the TOP SECRET PROJECT if you would rather get in on the ground floor, so to speak. All those willing to help will be accepted. We are an equal opportunity webcomic.

      This is an open invitation, and any questions, comments, unwanted human organs, or applications should be sent to AwesomeStormJustice @

      Thank you.
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        Just wanted to say thank you to those who have already pitched in, but there's still more work to be done.

        If you can help us out with either some inked or colored pages, or would be willing to throw us a cover or two, we'll make sure your work won't go to waste, and help get your name out there. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated, so don't hesitate to contact us.
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          yes please.

          We have been working very hard, to get this project on track. When we are finished, we are going to have an uninterrupted flow of new ASJ material.


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            How did I miss this?! Count me in for whatever you need in the penciling area.
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              thanks man. Right now, we need inkers and colorists to finish off our work in progress. We are all pencilled up right now. We have a ton of work in progress that is waiting to be released. We have published up to #29, and have all the way to #41 in various stages of production, but ALL pencilling (except covers) is complete.

              Once we are done it all, we will have a massive ASJ relaunch, and release on a regular schedule.

              Exciting days are ahead.


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