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Spinning to Infinity: Call for Artists

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  • Spinning to Infinity: Call for Artists


    If you don't know me, I'm Steve Horton. I wrote a Captain Marvel story
    for DC, a five issue miniseries for Image called STRONGARM, and most
    recently a short story called "One Giant Step" in a literacy benefit

    Spinning to Infinity is a new webcomics concept where a Sunday-style
    comic runs three days a week, every other weekday. Each day is a new
    creation and a new genre in a single self-contained, action oriented
    story, but there's a hidden link to all the stories (think the Heavy
    Metal movie and the macguffin that turned everyone on each other, but,
    you know, cooler). As the story jumps to different time periods in the
    same universe with a new cast of characters each time, the overarching
    story begins to be revealed.

    The new characters introduced in each comic are co-creations between
    myself and that day's artist. We're doing a ghost story. One set
    in Medieval times. One page set in a 1970s newsroom. A romance story.
    One set at a high school. A 1920s gangster story. One of every genre
    I can conceive of, and I can conceive of quite a bit.

    I'd like to know if any of you would be willing to pencil and ink a single page
    (standard American comics page turned on its side horizontally) on
    your own schedule, with a somewhat open-ended deadline. These stories
    can run in any order (up to a point) and still make perfect sense, as they are
    all self contained.

    It's just one inked page (about seven panels), optionally colored,
    and you co-own the characters on your page. Plus, I'll be running ads
    on the site and plan to collect the comics in both book form and on the
    iPad / iPhone through ComiXology, and I'll be sharing that revenue.
    I'm paying for the domain name and hosting out of my own pocket.

    There are over 29 artists involved, including many Eisner and Harvey
    award winners. Here are the first two completed pages, from artists
    mpMann and Sarah Ellerton, respectively:

    Be a part of something exciting and different! Think about it. If
    you're interested, send me a private message with links to your
    sequential art portfolio, and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for reading!


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