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My brother and I wrote this script...seeking artist

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  • My brother and I wrote this script...seeking artist

    Yeah, so, my brother and I wrote this script. It's a comedy. If I had to pitch it, I'd say it's like a mix of "Arrested Development", "The Royal Tennenbaums", and "The Simpsons". We wrote it in screenplay format, and got to the Semi-Finals of The Golden Brad Award for Best Comedy. Anyways -- I'm in the process of formatting it for a comic. I've already got a website ready to post/feature it once it's completed Now all I need is an artist. I'm not too picky when it comes to style.

    If you're interested, or just nosy, email me and I'll send you a quick synopsis and some sample pages. [email protected]

    I'm not a rich man, and I understand that artwork isn't easy -- so I'll do what I can when it comes to page costs.
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    Looking for Colors and Letters too

    In addition to the pencilers and inkers, I'm also looking for a colorist and a letterer. Basically, I'm looking for anyone skilled in the production of sequential art.


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      I'm looking for talented inkers. Email me: [email protected]


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