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    I'm writer looking for an artist for collaboration. I have some stuff of my own that I want to work on and try to get published, either through submissions or self, but I'm also wanting to find someone who's ideas I can work on in exchange and/or create something entirely new with. I tend to write stories with gritty/realistic bases and then add more of a fantastical element (generally sci-fi) to juxtapose it. The stories are of varying length (Short story to OGN) and I welcome all different styles of art so drop me an email with some samples and we'll get talking about ideas. Then if you like my ideas and want to work with me on them that's great, if you like my style but not these specific ideas and want me to instead work on something of yours or create something entirely new together that's also great. And if you just plain don't like anything well that's great too, I suppose. It's non-paying (no-one's paying me either) unless we get published of course, I want this to be a working partnership.

    So I hope to hear from some of you soon. Once again my email.

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