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Seeking artist for a new webcomic

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  • Seeking artist for a new webcomic

    I'm looking to work with an artist (ideally pencil & inks, colours are a bonus too) on a webcomic I'm writing. I plan to promote it heavily, to get our work some attention.

    STORY: It's about a 29 year old named David, after losing his job his life begins to go downhill, until he meets a girl (on the Internet) and they begin a relationship. There are some sexual elements (nothing too explicit), so do keep that in mind.

    STYLE: I'm open to anything. The art wouldn't need to be highly detailed, something clean and simple would probably work best for this story. There are no fight scenes or supernatural elements in the story. The setting is the modern world with regular people in offices, their apartments, out to dinner etc, so ideally an artist who is comfortable (and enjoys) that sort of thing.

    PAY: Unfortunately I cannot afford much in terms of a page rate. I can probably cover your costs and a little bit extra. So I'm looking for someone who would be comfortable with a lower page rate and a share of the IP (and any profits). With that in mind, I'm thinking this would be best for a new artist who is looking to get some exposure, like myself.

    If you'd like to discuss it, please email me at [email protected] or PM here on PJ.

    Mike Vennard
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