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  • Kickstarter Project!


    My name is Ben Ferrari, co-founder and VP of Earthbound Comics ( We've published over a dozen books available at

    We'd like to take Earthbound to the next level with a book published through Image or Dark Horse. Son Chasers is that book. It is the story of the son of Hitler, out to redeem the Hitler name. He is a good guy. You read that right.

    The concept is original, the script for the 2 issue mini-series is top notch by Buck Weiss. In order to pay Martin Montiel (Top Cow, Zenescope) to draw this story, we've organized a pledge drive through

    Please check out the details here:

    Thanks for any help you can be, including posting the link to any other blogs and forums,

    Thanks again.

    Ben Ferrari
    [email protected]

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    I hope for that money, he can at least start drawing the Nazi swastika the right way round.


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      Finch caught a pretty good detail with the swastika. For the sake of general knowledge, though: The way Montiel drew the swastika is actually the "right way". Hitler didn't create the graphic. He found it (I won't tell you where. I'll let you do the research) and inverted it for Nazi use. I understand what you mean, Finch. It's not the way the Nazi's have it. I just wanted to let you know that the Nazi way of using it and the right way are different.


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        I think that's pretty common knowledge, actually.


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          Best of luck to ya, Ben. Seems like you're already off to a fine start.


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            Thanks Spectre. We got off to a great start but it has slowed quite a bit. 18 days to go, should be enough time, if we do it right.

            One small thing, Finch. Not all the money is going to Martin, some will go to a colorist as well.

            Thanks for the replies guys, spread the word (facebook, twitter) if you feel so inclined, and find us on facebook if you'd like,



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