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Behold the awesomeness that is Mr Hades (RC Issue 13 update!)

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  • Behold the awesomeness that is Mr Hades (RC Issue 13 update!)

    You probably know Mr Hades (aka Dan Butcher) from his three other comic projects (Retake, Vanguard and Death Boy) and they are all excellent. He has also been instrumental in getting artists together and supervising them for Reynard City. When he gets time, he also sometimes does issues and this is another one of his corkers.

    You can see it at (Clicking on the cover takes you straight to it, though you may want to read the others first). We've also overhauled and simplified the site, thanks to the excellent work of Anglia PA.

    Anyway, the story is pretty simple- the heroes take on Glauco Tuturro, a crime boss in Reynard City's Little Italy district. However what begins as a protection racket takes on a sinister twist when they chase down a small boy, bringing back uncomfortable memories for Hyper Rob...

    I enjoyed writing this issue and Dan makes this one come alive (as does Viyjay's excellent colours). The cover is a brilliant homage to Scarface, but there is another cheeky reference (oddly enough those who have read Issue 6 will probably know what's coming!)

    We also have a new set of contests for you brill people. Any questions get in touch!
    We did it! Issue 20 Subconcious Pt 1 is up now! Thanks to all who have contributed and supported us!

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