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Ultimatum-X: Looking For Additional Team Members

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  • Ultimatum-X: Looking For Additional Team Members

    The project itself is still in its planning stages for the most part and is unpaid but self paced. Right now the Writers and I are fleshing out some ideas/plot lines and going into detail about how this universe for the new world will work. We wanted to do somthing new while still giving it the "Comforts Of our Home Universe" kind of feel.

    - Just A Little Background Knowledge -

    The stoy takes place on a planet that is about the same size of the sun and for all the advancements that the particular race that we are foccusing on (The Humani/Human) have been making only their own continet (somthing like pangea in size) has really been explored.

    The story takes place around a Troubled Teen named Ian Webster. Comming up from not the most comforting of backgrounds. Ian is the son of the man known as Daniel Webster who is the owner of one of the leading companies on the continet: Antax.

    Ian is veiwed by others (outside of his friends and family) as nothing more than a trouble maker at school, constantly in fights, and always causing some kind of chaos on the streets when he's either skipping school or just out and about with his close friends.

    One of the main things that I really want to show in this character is just how different he is, as well as just how human he is or humani in this case. We'll see him almost on a constant case battleing with himself as well as his daily life and the life of the first teen hero in his world.

    - DIfferences -

    ONE of the underlining things about this comic that is the character himself. We'll see him deal with his own contradicions, those of others, and deal with his decions and what the outcome of those choices are. The character himself is very selfish in a sense and we'll see how that dictates most of his decitoins as he developes as a character.

    Visually we'll be going about making the world feel as real and as distant as possible. Allowing the reader to be wrapped in the story and its world while at the same time knowing you've been taken to a whole new place.

    - What The Team Is Looking For -

    *We are looking for Members within our age range of 18-25 however we do make exceptions if skill is up to par.

    *1 Graphic Novelist: Looking for someone whos great with Dynamic angles as well as skilled with fight scences and versitile in style

    *1 Manga Novelist: Great with Dynamics as well and skilled at Fight scenes (For this possitions we would rather a female however exveptions can be made)

    *2 Line Artist/Inkers: We are looking for somone who can do thin Manga/Anime like lines for this.

    *1 Bubblist: No particular requirments

    *1 Speed Paint Artist

    If there is any other questions please don't hesetate to ask.

    With much respect,


    If you wish to get into contact with me about the project please Email me or PM me: My Email is as follows.

    [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you all soon.

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