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lookin for a cowriter here (ima artist)

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  • lookin for a cowriter here (ima artist)

    im finally deciding i wanna dip my wick in this zuda ink and get my knuckles bloody in a competition, im a fairly decent writer but im more so an artist, i wanna flesh out and write a 60 page or so zombie western, and im talking balls out zombie western, think im romero did a western ok but i dont really wanna jump too much into politics or anything like he does i want it to be over the top inventive gore and awesome characters this isnt some fictious west i want it to be as real as possible with the zombies spliced in, im not looking at any particular writing style but i like a concise script with good detail and good storytelling it will be cowritten so we can throw ideas back and forth if you dont feel comfortable cowriting you can write and ill just spitball ideas with you.

    if youre interested hit me up with a little sample of youre work and maybe tell me a little bit about yourself at [email protected] please dont PM me on here cause i use my email religiously and its easier on there

    i hope to here from you guys cause i really wanna get down and dirty with this one and fast.

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