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    Hey folks, just thought I drop by and mention that the reason I've not been posting much, by that I mean not any, art lately I've been busy learning how to be a dad for the past year. Think I've got the basics now so I'm heading back to the sketch pad soon.

    I ramble. . . .
    The reason I'm posting tin this section is I've cretaed a blog that some of you may enjoy. Its been running for a few months and has over 20 really cool online comics reviewed and listed. I'm sure lots of you guys will have read many of them but I'm sure you can find something that you'll enjoy.

    I'd love it if even one of my fellow pj'ers would drop by and chaeck it out, maybe even leave a comment or two. Even comment here and tell me what you thought of the Blog and the comics revied

    Heres the link.
    The Cool Web Comics List

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    I bookmarked this site a few months ago and always pop in to read the reviews. Retake got reviewed rather favorably
    Check out the Vanguard web comic site.
    and here on Twitter


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      Good stuff. If you're looking for a webcomic to review, might I suggest Anchorbird? It's a collaborative webcomic that's worked on by a bunch of people here at Penciljack.
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        It's a good resource. I stumbled upon a few good
        webcomics when I found it 2 weeks ago.

        Good stuff Holden.


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