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Colorist Job Question: Do I pay you by Panel or by Page for Web-type Comic?

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  • Colorist Job Question: Do I pay you by Panel or by Page for Web-type Comic?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question for Colorists in regards to how you determine your fees.

    I'm currently working on an independent comic. I understand that for traditional printed comics, many Colorists have s predetermined page rate. (X dollars per page). However, for Web comics, which are usually presented as a collection of a certain number of panels, how do you determine your fees?

    For example, how many panels of a web comic would be considered to be the equivalent a full, printed page rate? Note: I'm taking into consideration that many printed comics have a range from 6 to 9 panels per page.

    For the sake of clarity, I'm thinking of making a digital comic that could eventually be turned into a letter box or landscape formatted PDF. And my thoughts were that if I could receive the colored artwork as individual panels rather than the standard pages, that way, I could arrange them on the pages myself at a later date.

    In terms of the kind of coloring style I have in mind, I'm not looking for anything too “painterly”. What I’m thinking of is something more "old school," like from back in the Eighties---like the colors in the Daredevil Born Again saga ( Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli).

    Mostly bold solid colors with highlights and shading throughout to add variety.

    Any kind of feedback of pricing examples that you can share with me would be appreciated.



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