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The Realm Ethereal: The Book of Dreams now available!

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  • The Realm Ethereal: The Book of Dreams now available!

    “The Book of Dreams” is here. I have been waiting for this day for about three years. In reality, I started working on this book when I began creating The Realm Ethereal by way of several character studies I painted on my iPad Pro back in late 2018. The preliminary proof of the book was printed back in January 2021, when I had amassed what I considered to be enough illustrations for a book. And so the idea of putting together the book we have here was born. Of course, during all that time I added even more paintings. The idea of what I thought this book would be changed as well. I wasn’t content to simply pick an existing painting for the book’s cover. I did that and talked myself into creating a new cover. And I did it twice! As an artist, much of the story forms during my painting process. And in some cases after the artwork is finished. I’m proud of what I’ve created to this point. And it's only the beginning

    If anyone's interested in purchasing a copy, just go to
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