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  • Amateur Writer Looking to Co-Create

    I am an amateur comic book writer looking to write a comic book for free. I have no money or funding of any kind. I write in a dark house comic style and don't mind creating a whole new story with someone. Just need to break in somewhere. I am interested in the superhero genre, mystery, comedy and martial arts drama. If any beginning artists or bored artist would like to work on something. Please shoot me an email@ [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

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    Welcome to PencilJack. I might be interested in a small project. I'm curious, have you written before, or are you just starting out?

    Here's my DeviantArt page (a mix of all kinds of stuff):
    Check out pellpellusa's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.
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      I've never had any published work as of yet but I've written many comic book scripts on my own. I've attempted to work with other artists but unfortunately I've simply never had funding to keep them on a project. That's why I simply want to find an artist that is just willing to create something with me for the sake of creating something and if it makes any success or income I'd be very much willing to split it.

      As a writer I need an artist to see any ideas I have come to life. If you'd be willing to work on a small web comic I not only can grow in the comic world but finally have something for people to see. I have a few ideas already just am waiting for artist to say they'll join me. What do you say Pell?


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        I'm up for something with a small story arc, maybe six to ten pages. Do you have something ready to go, or is it still in development?
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          I have an idea ready to go, I just need tomorrow to script it for ten pages. Can you send an email so we can talk main concept? Email: [email protected]

          I'm thinking medieval based superhero in present day.


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            Sounds good. I sent you an email.
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