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Looking for Artist to Sketch Judo Movements

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  • Looking for Artist to Sketch Judo Movements

    Hello! I used penciljack some years ago to find an artist for a short webcomic I made, and I thought I might try on here to find an artist for an ongoing, long-term project that I have going on.

    I am a Judo student, and I am slowly compiling the writing/research for an eventual guidebook to convert the basic moves and movements of Judo into street-effective, self-defense oriented movements. Many of the books and other resources that I have been able to find only have instructions, drawings, or diagrams that are geared towards sport-judo being done in a martial arts gi/kimono (as seen in the picture I have uploaded). What I am looking for is someone who could take a set of steps, like seen in this picture, and then sketch them with modifications. Specifically, they would be in street clothes (t shirt and pants) and then there would be minor changes. For example, instead of a sleeve grip, the person would be in a short-sleeved shirt and therefore the other person would have them grabbed around the wrist. Or instead of grabbing the back of the gi top, the person would be grabbing them by the top of the pants at the rear.

    I would very detailed changes written out, and reference such as that seen here for each move. What I would like is for an artist's stylized specific style, and the same two characters drawn for each move (one good guy, one bad guy). It would not need to be colored, as I can do this myself (i colored my webcomic and am adept at photoshop, but am just not much of an artist)

    I would be interested in knowing the rate that potential artists would charge - I don't have a giant budget, but this is a project that would be ongoing for the long term. Basically - i would need someone who is ok with just doing a set like this once every month or two while i work on the project in my spare time. So it would need to be someone that was interested in a slow, long term arrangement where I can pay you per set as I slowly trudge along in my study, as opposed to one large lump sum and a whole bunch of work at once. This is more of a pet project for my own satisfaction than anything else, but I thought I would try and find someone on here. I had been looking at fiverr, but all of the "fitness drawing" gigs there are lifeless and have no style. I'm thinking more along the lines of the old drawings you saw in books of this type in the 30s-60s, or like the drawings seen in old army field manuals.

    Anyway, thanks for taking a look and feel free to message me if interested.

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    Hi, I’m interested, here’s a link to my portfolio,​, i ope you like my work, i you find something interesting please feel free to contact me so we can discuss rate, i can adust to a budget if yours is tight, thanks in advance.


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      hi! I would be interested in working with you on this. 1 or 2 image sequences per month would be manageable for me, and I like the thought of illustrating a martial arts book.
      I did a similar thing last year where I did ufc highlight drawing every day for December. If you search for #ufcember on instagram you’ll find those pictures. You can find my comics/illustrations either on instagram as @joakimhagstromart or on​
      you don’t have direct messaging enabled here on penciljack it seems, but feel free to contact me though my website (email) or em on instagram if you’re interested in working together.


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