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  • [Wanted ($)] Writer Seeking Comic Cook Artist

    Writer Adam Santangelo is seeking a comic artist to illustrate (pencils, ink, and color) for a young adult superhero project. Initially, the artist will create sample art (turnarounds and 10 pages of inks and colors) for pitch material, but should be open to collaboration on four 22-page issues at an agreed-upon schedule.

    The artist should be comfortable with diverse characters, armored suits, and urban/suburban high school environments, and have a classic or manga-influenced style similar to Scott Godlewski, David Lafuente, Fiona Staples, Elena Casagrande, Chris Samnee, and/or Jamal Campbell (though we are open-minded and looking for great work above all).

    This will be a paid gig with a competitive page rate.

    If interested, please complete this form:

    Project Synopsis

    HITTING BACK is a superhero story about bullying, starring VJ, a fourteen-year-old Indian Canadian comic book nerd struggling with a miserable school life and the emerging truth about his family’s real-life superhero legacy. When VJ discovers his own powered suit of armor—and faces the escalating threat of his bullies and their families—he must ultimately choose between satisfying revenge and the greater good…whatever that might be.

    About the Writer

    Adam Santangelo is a Toronto-based writer who’s been away from comics for a while. After writing for Marvel and writing, producing, and directing a micro-budget film, Adam built a successful career in tech. HITTING BACK is his return to publishing and superheroes.

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    My name is J.P. Vilchis. I've been an artist working professionally in comics since 2016. My artwork can be found in the FutureQuake Magazines and The Ragnarok Come Series published by Tales Beyond (Awarded 2020 Best Short Story in the Independent Creator Awards). I’ve also collaborated as an assistant inker for the Betty Page series published by dynamite in 2018.
    Currently I'm available for paid projects.
    Let me share some samples I’ve done for short stories. Hope you like them.

    Looking forward hearing from you.​



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      Love the story pitch. Application sent.


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        If you haven't found an artist yet, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.
        I'm not comfortable with that application form, so if this disqualifies me, I understand. In any case - here's my work. You should
        be able to contact me through my page on DeviantArt. Thanks


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