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20 Greatest Comic Book Quotes of All Time

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  • 20 Greatest Comic Book Quotes of All Time

    My response to most of these is "...who?"

    1. "We're forming a union, jerk hole -- my foot and your face!" -- Skateman
    2. "If a man chooses to do becomes my sacred duty to bash him to a pulp!" -- Crime Crusher
    3. "With great power comes great responsibility!" -- The Narrator in The Amazing Spider-Man. (That's right folks it was the narrator who said it first, not Peter Parker or his Uncle Ben.)
    4. "Paradise unearned is but a land of shadows!" -- The Silver Surfer
    5. "It's clobberin' time!" -- The Thing of The Fantastic Four
    6. "We shall call you Captain America, son! Because, like you -- America shall gain the strength and the will to safeguard our shores!" -- Professor Reinstein in Captain America
    7. "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power -- Green Lantern's light!" -- Green Lantern
    8. "Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible... a... a... a bat!" -- Batman
    9. "I'd rather not rule the earth. I just want to marry the girl next door and live in the suburbs." -- Dynamo
    10. "Life and death... they are only like changing subway trains to me as I ride through eternal life." -- Immortal Man
    11. "Yes, Mr. Death... I'll play you a game! But not chess! My game is wiffleball!" -- The Flaming Carrot
    12. "Hit the fire, liar!" -- The Flag
    13. "'Discussion' is for bio-organisms." -- Deathlok
    14. "Of all the stupid -- ! When my body turned invisible, the gown didn't!" -- Invisible Girl
    15. "Old superheroes don't just fade away. They grow old, useless -- and very, very bitter!" -- The Blue Diamond
    16. "If only those bricks could talk...the things they'd say would help build better prisons in the future." -- The Spirit
    17. "I should break your face for that, but that would not teach you of love." -- Slaughterman
    18. "I'd join you, but I think I'm close to locating a gluino, which would completely validate supersymmetrical theory if we could include it in the bestiary." -- Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)
    19. "Grown-ups... are a strange breed! Their brains weigh close to three pounds, and that's not three pounds of cheery delight!" -- The Tick
    20. "I cannot preach hate and warfare when I am a disciple of peace and love!" -- Wonder Woman
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    Meh, they are missing the best Cap A quote of all times.
    "You think this letter on my head stands for France!?" - Captain America
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      It seems like the guy just grabbed a few of the classic ones everybody knows...and then flipped through some other comics randomly picking out whatever word balloon struck his fancy.

      I dunno, it seems like more of them should be marking turning points in comic history...lines that really struck people. Not "hey! I found this generally amusing!"
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        are u dense ,are u retarded , im the god damn batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Originally posted by 50%grey View Post
          "You think this letter on my head stands for France!?" - Captain America
          Originally posted by KrisDiaz View Post
          are u dense ,are u retarded , im the god damn batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          These are both better quotes than anything on that list. We should compile our own Top 20.
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            How the hell did that list that random ass Dr. Manhattan quote and not any of the other badass quotes from Watchmen?

            For instance:

            "I've walked across the sun. I've seen events to tiny and so fast they hardly can be said to have occurred at all, but are a man. ...And this world's smartest man means no more to me than does its smartest termite."


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              Hey, I have a copy of Skateman.
              Really bad comic.
              If you like what you see, then dig it at


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                "'nuff said" is permanently engraved on my brain, i'd have to put it up there
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                  "your funeral"

                  Absorbing man: "I was winning I was ahead!"
                  Hulk: "no you HAD a head" *smash*

                  Hulk: they're gonna wait till dawn when i turn back to banner THEN kill me!

                  Iceman: What makes you think they would do that?

                  Hulk: because I'm totally corrupt, and thats what I would do
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                    Thats a pretty crap top 20. not sure I could actually come up with 20, but I read a good one in the authority last night.
                    "You realize you're talking to a man with a human head in his hands who has every intention of using it to beat these people to death?" - Hawksmoor


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                      Originally posted by KrisDiaz View Post
                      are u dense ,are u retarded , im the god damn batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      i wish it was written in the comic this way


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                        One of my favorites is from Golden Age Batman.

                        Panel: Batman grabbing a woman and wipes her makeup off rather rough.

                        Woman: Let go of me!

                        Batman: Quiet or Papa Spank!
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                          Not on my watch. Not now. Not EVER.



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                            Wolverine: *SNIKT*
                            ninjas: ...that sound, NO!
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                              robin: so what do you call this anyway?
                              batman: the batmobile.
                              robin: that is totally queer.
                              batman: shut up.

                              plastic man: thanks bats! youve always known how to slap a little sense into me. im ready and rarin to go! say, what year is this anyway?
                              batman: the year we fix things. the year we make things right.
                              plastic man: WITH YA, dude.
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