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    Excellent work. I hope the live action film is good.
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      What do you mean storyboard? These are nearly finished illustrations. During production, usually storyboards are done fast! So unless this guy is able to crank these panels under 15-20 minutes, I call bullsh! t ! When you know 6 minutes of movie equal around 300 panels, I doubt he'll be able to achieve this level of finish on the whole movie, considering the time constraints.
      Unless he's an absolute beast.

      On a strictly illustrative aspect, these are very nice. It's the guy who drew The Filth isn't it?

      Oh, and I thought the movie was on hold, and most likely not going to be made?

      Edit: followed the link, and it seems like it's the real deal, not just some promo art to sell the project to studios. Wow. I'd love to know how much time he had to complete a panel/sequence...
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        I'd imagine these were released because the project's been cancelled.. not sure if I would've enjoyed this movie or not, but those are some pretty drawings
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          Those are great. Great style and the compositions are spot on.
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            Those are show boards, I think. They're not shooting boards. The over-the-top polish and the lack of shot direction are a dead giveaway.

            That is to say, these exist to show to money people and opinion people, not to assist the director or the cinematographer. I had to do stuff like that for TV commercials (Nationwide), and I hated 'em... oh, with the burning rage of a thousand stars, I hated those damn things. The work had pretty much nothing to do with making the actual content, it was all a dog-n-pony show for a bunch of people in a room in order to let them decide if the commercial would be made at all. I understand the necessity, but it made a boring job into an excruciating job, as people picked apart the most inconsequential things (mostly demographic stuff. Make this person black, this person white, this person latino, make these people smile more, etc).

            It's a different beast from production boards that actually help determine the way the final product will be created. Same thing here, I expect, though this was probably more fun to draw.


            Well, then again he's got stuff like this:

            Which has camera direction in descriptive form... which is unusual, but not unheard of. I still reckon these are commercial boards rather than production boards, but they might have served double-duty. I'd be surprised if the whole dang script was boarded like this, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.
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