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  • WillTurner
    Have you checked the site to see who is attending? If it is a company, artist or editor that you respect I don't see how it makes a difference. Good luck!

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  • endeserben
    started a topic About Comic Con?

    About Comic Con?

    Hey guys, I don't know if this is the best place to post this, but I've been having this doubt for about many days and I decided to ask here in case anyone knows something about this, or can contribute with their experiences.

    So my doubt is:
    Is it the same to attend as an aspiring comic book artist for a portfolio review to the NY comic con than to the San Diego comic con?

    I´m asking because I'm planning to go to my first comic con next year and, as many guys, I'd like to apply for a portfolio review trying to make my break in. So,I would like to know if as an artist I could get the same opportunities and interviews at the NYCC that I could have at the San Diego CC.

    It would be easier for me to go to the NY comic con than to the San Diego comic con, because I´d have much more time to save money for the trip, and also, there are so many places at NY that I would like to see during my stay in the city aside the Con. But, if there are more chances to get seen by editors etc, at the SDCC then I´ll be going there instead.

    Sorry if this question seems stupid, but well, since it is going to be my first CC I'd like to get the most of it. So if anyone can help with an opinion or comment about your experiences or points of view, would be much appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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