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    I’ve attended the DC orientation in San Diego and found it very insightful. The only way to get them to view your portfolio, however, is to submit at their table and, should they find your work up to their standard, they’ll post your name on a list during their portfolio review session which is usually on the weekend. They made it quite clear that they’d only be calling on those who were up to a working standard, so if you’re going with the intent of getting pointers on improvement, it’s not something they’d offer you.

    Their primary interest is in sequential work. You’ll need at least 6-pages of sequential artwork. It was then that I truly realized how much work I had ahead of me if I were to be a pro working for DC.

    Marvel held their review on Saturday the both times I attended SDCC but I was never able to go. They made no mention of an orientation being required.

    I never tried signing up for a review session with anyone else though because the lines were incredibly long and my time was limited. Plus, I did got there mainly to have fun and see everything.

    Not sure how NYCC is at all but I may go to the next one. I learned that a lot of people plan their entire year around SDCC so it is a crazy crazy time.
    ~ g0b1in


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      Hey guys, thanks a lot for taking your time here, To Deth and Dfbovey, those are really good advices. I think I'll be going to the NYCC instead of San Diego. I'm more interested in meeting editors and publishers. Maybe it is much more crowdy than others, but I'm thinking that it will be a good place to start.
      Inkthinker, Thanks a lot for let us know your opinion, it was really helpfull. And g0b1in, thank you so much for sharing your esperience. If you're planning to go to the 2011 NYCC, so do I, maybe we can find over there in about a year, hehe.

      Thanks to everyone guys, I didn't knew that SDCC would be such a crazy thing, I do imagine that it would be crowdy, but not that much that makes it almost impossible to talk to whom you're willing to. Maybe NYCC it's a bit of the same, but for now it's the choice. And maybe after that I could get to a smaller one. Because, I live outside the US and it's kinda difficult and expensive to attend to cons, that's why I was thinking of something a little bigger, something that aside of meeting editors, I could meet some more artists and creators like me, looking for a chance to break in. I don't know if NYCC is more like a small con, or a big con. But well I would also like to see the city and it's museums.

      Now I need to start honing my crafts, so I can get a better chance when I get there. I'll be posting at the forum my pages to get some great advises from you guys and improve my skills. Also if anyone is thinking of going to the NYCC next year (2011) maybe we can make a plan together and save some of the hotel costs. Or something.

      Well, thanks again everyone, and if someone else have an experience about the NYCC that would like to share, it still be very helpfull, (I can still change my mind, hehe).


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