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  • Fire clown weigh in

    where do they fall?

    Middle weight

    The poll is expired.

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    Seems to have a good handle on anatomy. Art is inconsistent. Looks like no decision has been made as to whether to draw with just line or to use shadow. The first piece looks unfinished. The cape starts off some shadowing and then stops. Same thing happens on the boots.

    The storytelling has some gaps in it and problems with staging. Panel 2 looks like a toad is pulling the girl out by her ead. Panel 3 clearly shows the inconsistency with the line and shadow style present on the rest of the page.

    I don't know what the background is in panel 2. And the tangents are not helping matters. Everything just looks like lines.

    Panel 5 looks like there is a skyscraper in the background. The angle that the girl is thrown does not match the setup in panel 1. Nothing matches the establishing shot in panel 1.
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      While I agree with Symson that you seem to have a good handle on anatomy(based on that Tigra montage), your capabilities are very vague here, Fire Clown. If those sequentials are an indication of what your finished work looks like, then I have to weigh you in at MW.
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        Thanks chapz. Yeah I agree on the middle weight verdict. I've been drawing like crazy but I still have a long road ahead.

        Panel two Toad's supposed to be tearing open the car's sunroof... and the shading is actually smudging in the first image. but if it ain't obvious it's no good.

        I'll keep working at it.

        AND Thanks Juggertha for posting my weigh in for me. Appreciate it.
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          I'll throw towards MW as well but the perspective in the sequentials is promising.
          Work on your finish though Fireclown.. the photocopied look makes it kinda hard to see what's what and it's keeping you from seeing some of the problems I would think. If I had to guess, your pencils probably look better than the inks.
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            MW it's a good place for you to grow as an artist, you can have my old locker room closet.
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              Voted LHW.


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                Thankz for the tips and encouragement fellas.

                MLav I wish I could say that my pencils really were better than my inks but they both kind of stink right now. 1 in ten isn't so bad or so good.

                Josem. I really like the drawovers I've seen you do for other artists and your art dump so if I get 1% as good as those I'll be happy.

                CrazyMobius. Thanx man you're too kind.


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                  Am I the only one who can't see the images?
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