This is just a refresher for how the ranks work, since a question came up. We simplified rank calculations at the beginning of the second year of this revived Pummel to make it easier on the commissioners to take turns doing the ranks, and to keep things transparent so everyone can easily figure it out themselves.

The next month's ranks are based entirely on the current month's results, not partially on win/loss records like we did before. A win moves you up one, a tie keeps you on the same rank number, and a loss moves you down two slots. A No Show (forfeiting with an announcement before the deadline) is treated as a regular loss. An MIA (missing in action, or forfeiting without giving a heads up before the deadline) is removed from the ranks.

Since these rank numbers are just for calculating the order that people should be put in based on the current month's rank positions, there can be more than one person in the same slot while other slots can be empty. To break ties, we use your match result, how you got in that spot, to determine what order to put people in for the new ranks. A KO (75% of votes, or 65% in a three-way) is first, a regular win comes second, a tie is third, and a loss is last.

To illustrate, here's how the January 2022 ranks were calculated:

Match results:
01 joakimhagstrom (L)
02 D.I.S. (KO)

03 skullone (L)
04 Hangman (KO)

05 JC Immortal (KO)
06 Jeloschi (L)

07 Doomsmith (T)
08 pell (T)

09 wender1 (W)
10 Popninja (L)

Here's how that calculated:
00 (if the number 1 rank had won, they would go here)
01 D.I.S. (KO)
03 joakimhagstrom (L), Hangman (KO)
04 JC Immortal (KO)
05 skullone (L)
07 Doomsmith (T)
08 Jeloschi (L), pell (T), wender1 (W)
12 Popninja (L)

The final ranks, evened-out and renumbered:
01 D.I.S.
02 Hangman

03 joakimhagstrom
04 JC Immortal

05 skullone
06 Doomsmith

07 wender1
08 pell

09 Jeloschi
10 Popninja

The only reason we would deviate from this is if an administrative decision has to be made. I hope that's all clear for everyone. Let me know if you need clarification.