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    Originally posted by dfbovey View Post
    The weight classes do complicate things a bit, but when they were created it was to give people goals and motivation so that the task of climbing up a 100+ artist ladder wouldn't feel as daunting. I think having the classes keeps people motivated.

    It kinda works like level bosses ina a video game. You work hard enough to get past one level to move on to the next. In a way, the whole idea for PUMMEL came from the Mike Tyson's Punchout model.

    The first weigh in for the original tournament was definitely flawed. But I think people had the opportunity still to make their own way by doing well in that tournament. If you were ranked low, then you should have breezed through your class. And things eventually evened out.

    I think the current weigh in system is much more fair than the original. And it would be impossible to have a perfect system in place.

    agreed my brotha'

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      I kinda like the weight classes and overall i think we have a great thing going on. Thanks again Bovey for starting this up, it is an inspired idea.

      Marooney> I agree a ton of artists that are working now and in the past would not rate in the heavies here. The thing is, and i pointed this out in a different thread before, the talent pool is deeper now than it ever has been. You have all the inspired youth from the 80's like Loston with 2 decades of experience now and all the the young talented people that no one told not to draw because the money was there in the 90's like never before. It is one thing to tell your kid that he is never going to make money at comic books when the artists are dieing broke, quit a different story when one can plop down 12 million on Baseballs. You really you can't compare the founders of the industry with the guys working now, or even in the 80's there are many differences.

      I definitely agree with the point about style over talent. There are several artist that the industry promoted because it was in their best interest, but really are they that good. maybe. maybe not. As a professional there are many different things going into why a company promotes one artist and doesn't hire a better one. Professionalism, timeliness, personality, speed of production, listening skills, and luck. (certainly not that end of the list by any means)

      One of the things that we don't take into account (and i don't think it is possible to) is how long did the pieces we are voting on take the artist to do. in both the weighing in and the pummels. Really that is how some people are getting work over others. Editors would rather hire an artist they know can give them a book that will sell 50000 issues than risk a new artist that might sell 150000 in a year or bomb completely by being late.

      you see this in the movies too, ever wonder why one marginally talented marginally pretty actress gets part after part and is pushed as being beautiful? they are working with what they have. You market the product you are hired to market.

      wow that was a tangent, All in all i think pummel is great and look forward to viewing each match.
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