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  • Psf- jla

    Topic- JLA
    Deadline- 4-6 days
    Open to any weightclass and medium.

    Feel free to draw whatever you like. My motivation for this is to get better at drawing group shots and I will be drawing the top 3 perhaps.
    PUMMEL Stats: Middleweight | Rank 14 | W 16 | L 28 | KOs 10.

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    I can't believe no one's taken you up on this yet kob! my current psf has until Tuesday, if you want, after that, I'll do it.


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      I was thinking about jumping on this today (also shocked no one stepped up). I'm a little sore from last month's street fight with Kob! Jeloschi is probably a better match. [I fought you both last month!]

      I wiki'd it, but what's the current member line-up for JLA?!

      Also, both of you have Rank 7 Middleweight in your sigs... Will this be BATTLE FOR 7th! LOL
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      Middleweight W: 13 | L: 7 | KO: 7 | 3 Time Lightweight Champ
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        Hey guys, I don't think I will be able to make it, you both have at it if you like.
        PUMMEL Stats: Middleweight | Rank 14 | W 16 | L 28 | KOs 10.


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