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EverBrawl Bout 27 - God of War - Due July 15

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  • EverBrawl Bout 27 - God of War - Due July 15

    Welcome to the 27th Round of EverBrawl. Our topic this time:

    God of War

    Due: 11:59PM EDT(New York City, USA time or UTC - 4) July 15, 2017

    In order to conquer Mount Olympus, you'll have to fight your way up the EverBrawl Ranking Ladder. Participation is simple. Just turn in one piece of your own original artwork based on however you interpret the topic and post it here by the deadline. Please only submit art you started after this topic was chosen.

    You earn points based on how many votes you receive plus one participation point. Your rank is based on the sum of all points you've received by participating in EverBrawl. The winner of the bout gets BRAGGIN' RIGHTS!

    Good luck! Now let's get EverBrawlin'!

    Current EverBrawl Ranking Ladder
    (This has been updated to reflect Bout 26 results.)

    Rank EverBrawler Points
    1 crazyjedichicken 88
    2 RoboMike 76
    3 FireClown 59
    4 pell 56
    5 Symson 50
    6 Orphangrinder 27
    6 WILLETT 27
    7 RonB 26
    8 battlewraith 25
    9 Pete Tha Creep 23
    10 Josem 18
    11 wender1 16
    12 Archerion 8
    12 Jeloschi 8
    12 Skothu23 8
    13 Electronick 7
    13 Spiderguts 7
    13 VagabondX 7
    14 TheCommish 6
    15 Seithe 5
    15 solanki 5
    16 BPS Morganza 4
    17 masked_ramen 3
    18 CrazyMobius 2
    Pummel Is Back!

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    sorry i've missed the last few! Only as i go to post this have i realized i immediately assumed it was the game god of war...never considering the actual god of war....

    @barcswow on twitter and instagram


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      That is impressive, crazyjedichicken. I assumed the topic referred to the game as well, but anything depicting a god of war would be on-topic.
      Pummel Is Back!


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        Awesome pic cjc.


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          thanks guys!

          @barcswow on twitter and instagram


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            Nice work on the lighting CJC. THat's pretty dang great work!

            My entry.

            Last edited by Ratcrack; 07-15-2017, 08:58 AM.
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              Great entries so far! here is mine

              Doodle Blog


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                Awesome work, Ratcrack and Skothu23. Here's mine:

                Pummel Is Back!


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