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Grand Championship - June - Joy of Flight

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  • Grand Championship - June - Joy of Flight

    Originally posted by Ridge
    "The joy of flight." Anything goes as long as something or someone is flying.
    There you go boys and girls, let's see what you've got.

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    As always, interpret that as broadly as you wish.
    Arthur & Lancelot launching cows at the French? That's flying in my book.
    Luke Skywalker bullseyeing wamp-smurfs in his T-16? Works for me.
    Woody Allen defecating on a hobo behind a dumpster? Throw in a fly buzzing around or a bird off in the distance it's golden. I'm all for a little creative rule bending.

    In the mean time, while everyone is brainstorming their latest masterpiece, what say we toss out some ideas for future topics? The monthly winner is going to have sole choice regardless of what's posted here but if 20 people want to do Ninja picnic or a Buscema tribute or some such it might draw some interest.

    In addition to Flight I was considering:

    Animal based characters
    The Detective (Or on a broader scope, Noir.)


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      I think a cool topic with multiple people drawing would be -- "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor" various characters with Mjolnir.
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        When it looked like I might take February's challenge, the topic idea i had in mind was Retro Sci-Fi. Rocket ships, rayguns, spacemen (and women), oh my!


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          I've had 2 ideas that I've been sitting on ever since the Grand Championship began:
          1. Song titles- draw an image based off of a song title. "Enter Sandman", Back in the USSR", "Girls on Film", anything goes.
          2. Porn Face. Greg Land's silly use of Porn face makes me laugh.


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            ARRGH, it's the 17th already, how did the time slip away????


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              My rendition of the infamous Penciljack Grand champion Ace- Ridge. And yes, the plane was referenced.


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                WIP. Hopefully I will be able to finish it-

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                  Here's my attempt. I couldn't come up with a character so it just ended up as a female version of Marvel's Vision character, for some reason lol. I wanted to ink, but it looks like I'm not going to have enough time.


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                    AAAAAAHHHHH now it's the 19th!


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                      McNiel.....awesome, it totally looks like Ridge!


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                        Finished work ( I guess)-
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                          storrs to

                          Since I'm waiting up for my boy to get back from an Iron Maiden Concert, I may work on this more, but maybe not!!

                          Uploaded with

                          Uploaded with
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                            In today's world the dashing villain around town has more to worry about than whether the God of Thunder is going to put down his flagon of Pabst long enough to smite him.

                            McNiel, very thoughtful the way you downplayed my heroic physique so as not to set too many hearts a flutter.


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                              An obscure character I'm not sure how many know. Here is Nova, once a Galactus herald. Not to be confused with the other Nova Marvel character.

                              I think she's dead. Let's drink one for her.
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