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Challenge Guidelines: Please read before creating a challenge

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  • Challenge Guidelines: Please read before creating a challenge

    So you want to have a Draw-off?
    Contesting somebody in the form of art can be fun, produce great pieces, and is an old form of friendly competition here at Penciljack. All you have to do is follow these quick guidelines for creating a draw-off challenge.
    First off, include your challenge in your thread title if you already know what type of challenge you want. Restate your challenge in your thread message and include challengers, media, coloring technique, presentation and deadline you want to use in your challenge.

    Popular examples of challenges are: create a character, redesigns, amalgams, single character, VS or battling characters, group shots, and sequential. All art must be created new for any challenge you enter unless stated otherwise.

    Challengers: (optional)
    Who do you want to challenge? You can Call Out, Invite or have an Open challenge. To call out an artist for a duel you can state so in your initial challenge title or PM them. To invite you can pm any artist you have in mind for your challenge (Note: Any artist you invite has the right to decline your challenge). Open challenges are open to any artist on the board.

    The media you use on your art can consist of either natural, digital, or mixed. Natural media can include pencils, inks, markers, colored pencils, water colors, construction paper, oils, etc. Digital can be anything that you used the computer for; Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Painter, MS Paint, 3D software, etc. Mixed can be the combination of either of the previously mentioned media.

    Coloring Technique: (optional)
    Colors can consist of either rendered colors, cel-shading, flats, monochromatic, grayscale or black and white. It is sometimes best to agree on a coloring technique so a colored piece won't get biased votes over a non-colored piece.

    Don't make your deadlines too short; you want to give people a chance to see the challenge and have time to draw their piece. Don't make dead lines too long; giving too much time makes challengers forget and lose interest in the challenge. 1-2 weeks is generally good depending on the subject and complexity of the challenge. It is bad form to extend a deadline after it has passed. If you have plans for extending a deadline please say so at least within a few days before the deadline and try to only extend once.

    Presentation: (optional)
    Once you’ve chosen your subject you can suggest how you want the character depicted on the sheet. You can have a headshot, model sheet, pin-up, w/ a background, or in sequential format.

    Note: You can leave any of these areas open to interpretation by the artist or come up with your own, but try to set some challenge rules for the sake of comparison when it comes to voting.

    Misc info:
    Submitting your art:
    All art must be new; created after the challenge is created, but before the deadline. No existing pieces will be up for consideration. Please follow the challenge rules and guidelines presented by the creator, failure to do so gives the challenge creator full authorization to not include the piece in the voting thread.

    Posting for Combat:
    Posting the submissions for competition in the Proving Grounds is the responsibility of the challenge creator. If you do not know how to do this ask if another artist can do it for you or PM me with any questions before the challenge deadline.

    Creators must play:
    If you come up with the challenge you must submit your own piece. You can’t create a challenge and invite artists to play if you if you are not willing to participate.

    Backing Out:
    Abandoning a challenge is bad form. If you feel you won’t be able to make the deadline please say so in the challenge thread. If you are the creator you can cancel the challenge if no pieces have been submitted or you can continue the challenge and ask another challenger to post the submissions in the PG in your absence.

    Also, don't be hesitant to show your works in progress in the WIP forums for feedback before your final submission. Proper critiques and application of them can help you create a better drawing and garner more votes.

    Reputation: Feel free to give the winner of the draw-off good reputation for mopping the floor with the competition. It's not mandatory just incentive for bringing your A game. You can add rep by clicking on the scales icon under the user's name.

    If you have any questions or comments please contact me via PM.

    Here's a quick example:
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