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Creativity: what's your name? (K.O.- Dri)

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  • Creativity: what's your name? (K.O.- Dri)

    The challenge was to create a character based on your online screen name and write a brief description of them.

    While there were alot of nice entries, the rules stated there had to be a brief description of the character, so if your entry isn't here, it's probably because you forgot that. Colour has been excused but voters please consider those who actually read the rules and added it.

    please do not vote for yourself.

    Heathen is a being created from the energies of justice and war found within the Mother Goddess. As a result, this enigmatic being occasionally appears on the battlefield, however, her powers are so arcane that none who live know what they could be.

    Beaver was born in a poor dam village and grew up constantly surrounded by wet, smelly beavers. Eventually, he wandered into civilization and met Kyle. Kyle, always having had a love of beavers, took him in and washed him, trimmed him, and kept him happy. Kyle's Beaver still gets into all sorts of crazy situations, but Kyle always manages to save him. After all, he wouldn't want to be lacking in beaver, would he?

    The cold blooded angel fell from heaven long ago and has become stuck on the human world. She has found that humans are easily tainted and she feels she must cleanse them, by any means possible, which usually involves destroying them when they can't change their ways. She has no mercy.
    Taro Mochi

    The poll is expired.

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    Taro Mochi:
    For thousands of years, rabbits have been making mochi on the moon. One day the moon princess created a mochi so delicious and lovely, she fell in love...
    That love gave life to the little sticky rice cake who was to be known as Taro Mochi. The Princess's father, the Rabbit King, of course could never allow such a union and so he ordered Taro to be killed. Will the two be able to find happiness? Can Taro survive being eaten by the hungry inhabitants of the moon. Perhaps they can find away to open the gate to the mysterious world known as EARTH...

    I tried to come up with a "fiendish" Mr. Hyde due to the title hydekomiksink. Hyde Komiks Ink is the complany title my wife and I have been using because Hyde is our last name. So when asked to personify hydekomiksink the first thing that came to mind was Mr. Hyde. I orginally wanted to use photo reference of Peter Lorre but again ran out of time so just made him "fiendish". Also due to time no inks or color. He is suppose to be drinking ink for "hydekomiksink" ref.
    I reject your reality and substitute my own

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      Kyle. I lold.


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        you guys are lucky i didnt have time to get in on this.
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          I voted Dri, He cool job.................
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            Nice work Dri, second fav is Taro! Kompai!
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              Voted for DRI - great line work and cool colors (he even followed ALL the rules...;-)

              you guys are lucky i didnt have time to get in on this.
              I agree - I am sure it would have been great art, just nothing I wanted to look at for long.... :-)
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                went with Dri too on this one. He just seems the most lovable character to me I can picture him trying to explain his new eyeball "situation" to a girlfriend/wife and making a sad eyeball face after a not so lovely reaction. Poor Dri....

                almost was able to get colors on mine but i was too slow!! >_< 10min too late I posted the rough colors in the WIP forums if anyone's interested

                Oh congrats on 100 posts cold blooded!
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                  Originally posted by CadaverSodomy View Post
                  you guys are lucky i didnt have time to get in on this.
                  You never said anything about entering. That said I would of loved to see what would of come out of that dark mind of yours. So what do you get when Cadaver Sodomy crosses KyleSBeaver?

                  KyleSBeaver - this cracked me up. It visually similar to a controversial ad playing in Australia about female hygiene pads. You see a beaver drying her body with a pad after a shower. So wrong that it's funny.

                  Rachel - I really like the character's hairstyle but she doesn't read as a merciless character. You could of whipped out your trade of Spawn for inspiration. Cool art tho.

                  Taro Mochi - I dig your style and you have a nice narrative happening. From a creative standpoint you have a gem. Maybe Rachel will change her mind and put your coloured version.

                  hydekomiksink - I'm voting for yours because I really like your pencils. I know I should factor creativity into it and it's not coloured but your art appealed to me the most.

                  And thanks to those who voted for Dr.I. I honestly wasn't expecting it.


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                    i like cold blooded agels's


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                      love dri's colour cheme and line work. heck, its a cracker and weird like mysterio (spidey foe!)
                      (well done taro and cb angel)


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