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Grand Championship League 09 - Rules and general discussion

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  • dfbovey
    Originally posted by SINCE SLICE BREAD View Post
    Is there any prize to the overall victor like he/she get to draw an issue of invicible or something?
    Nope. It's for bragging rights and your own personal development.

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    Is there any prize to the overall victor like he/she get to draw an issue of invicible or something?

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  • sacredbob
    I am SO in!

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  • SilverSkies
    sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Archerion
    awesome I am looking forward to this

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  • Grand Championship League 09 - Rules and general discussion

    Scoreboard from the last Championship

    Grand Championship League 09

    When you win a round your become that months ‘Champion’. Once that champion is determined, that person would have to defend their crown each month. The benefit of being the champion is that you get to choose the topic for that month. And when that time comes, everyone and anyone can join the draw off to try to take your championship away from you.

    Everyone gets 4 points for entering each month If you compete in all 12 draw offs, you will also earn an additional 100 points at the end of the year. So that's a possible 148 points.

    Each vote you get in a poll every month counts as one point.
    (you get 21 votes in a poll, that's 21 points)

    In addition, there will be bonus points for finishing "on the podium":
    50 points for first place
    25 points for second place
    10 points for third place

    For champions that do not compete the month after they win, you lose 25 points. That's half your bonus from winning. So it would benefit you to compete the following month. Since you are actually picking the topic, this shouldn't be a problem anyway.

    Each month, anything goes. You can use any means of Illustration you like. If you want to go full color, pencils only, inks, paints... all digital. It's up to you. The idea is to showcase your talent and do the best work you possibly can.

    1st of the month - Topic is chosen for the drawoff and announced.

    20th of each month - Deadline for entries. Poll is set and will run for one week voting period.

    27th of each month - Winner for that month is announced and they the topic for the following month. If they do not respond by the first, the points leader then chooses the topic. Or you go down the point leader's list until someone does pick a topic.

    There will be no extensions. You are either on time or your entry will not be included in the voting poll. Which would mean zero points for you that month. -25 if you are the reigning champion.

    The voting polls will be public. Meaning that people will be able to see who you voted for. And as a rule, you are not allowed to vote for yourself. Voting for yourself is a wasted vote, as it will be deducted.

    If the championship is tied after 12 contests... there will be one last draw off between those who are tied for first place. Which would determine the overall winner. Each person would choose a topic, which would then be voted on to determine the final topic.

    Any questions and comments about the league in general should be posted in this thread. Any comments regarding the actual monthly draw off should be handled in the thread labeled Grand Championship - "Month" - "Topic"

    To start off the Championship, the first subject will be:
    Video Game Characters
    Starting immediately, all entires to be posted in the relevant thread or PM'd to me before Tuesday 20th of January.

    Best of luck!
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