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TB Finals: Nate Lovett vs mana-boozy (K.O.- Nate Lovett)

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    It's Hammer time! Went with Nate once more. The detail on the temple is pretty awesome, Nate, and the drawing and coloring are good throughout. You handled Mana's characters well, and it was nice to see Atlas make a return in your story. I like Olli's Atlas character.

    Congrats to both you and Mana for making it to the final round!

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      I went for Nate. His work's is so clear where in Mana's it's hard to tell what is going on in parts. I didn't realise that the females in the last panel of Mana's were in their underwear till it was pointed out.

      Nate, I'm a fan, great twist.
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        Much respect to Nate

        Congrats to you guys progressing this far.

        Congrats to Nate for winning and paying
        Mana the utmost respect by showcasing
        the best sequentials of the tornament.
        I was sold on the temple background
        alone. Your characterizations of the fighters
        are great.

        I'm astounded how Mana juggled
        college and part time work and still
        managed to produce a lot of good pages
        here. His shining moment was the two page
        spread. I was hoping he would have time
        to approach his other pages the same way
        but there are not enough hours in the day.

        Well done.


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          fantastic. everyone.


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            Originally posted by jeremy dale View Post
            Went with Nate, obviously-- this isn't even a real contest.
            Here I was trying to think of a way to not make it sound so harsh...

            Voted for Nate, of course. This is the kind of work this guy does for a draw off?! Incredible.
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              Went with Nate- but what a great ending to the contest. Two excellent pieces. Well done gentlemen.


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                aw hell. i expected this.

                but being hammered by a real pro isn't bad. i've learned a lot from this tourney, and this sorta motivation hopefully will make me better.

                really class nate, deservedly so.

                well done 2 everyone who participated.


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                  I guess it's how you define out-classed or pro, nate has a great style to his work and so do you, they are just different and in this case nate's suited better. but I'm biased and I like your style ferd, you got my vote.


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                    first off i gotta say mana, i did not expect 6 pages from you, the inclusion of every character, and the fact that you did it between work and school makes it even more impressive. my hat is off to you.

                    i'm glad to see that you've learned a lot and that this will hopefully help to motivate you to move forward. when i first joined here i did a lot of these draw-offs myself, and found that the friendly competition always helped to bring out the best stuff from me, and that's why i didn't want to dial any of my stuff down for this either, i wanted to try and help others to push themselves to do their best as well.

                    everyone involved did some top notch stuff in this tournament, and i'm glad we got to see some of the participants best stuff. hopefully we can do this again some time. i entered this tourney to help me get out of a funk, and it definitely did that, thanks guys. thanks to those who voted for me every round, thanks to my opponents and the other competitors, and thanks to spidey for putting this whole thing together. despite some of the voting issues we faced in the early rounds, i still think we pulled off one of the best things that's been on PJ for a couple of years. thanks again guys!
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                      thnks nate. u'r really class. i really appreciate the advice and support. thnk u and a worthy champion.

                      thnks erik, you're good bud as well.

                      thnks 2 everyone and hope we cn have another like this.


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                        Any clue on when the next one of these shindigs will start up? After watching all of the excitement and missing the beginning of it, I'm jonesing to give it a try. Looked like a blast.

                        Good job to all those that participated.


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                          Congratulations on your victory Nate. Jason, I'll start another, maybe 8-16 man tournament next month.


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