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TB Finals: Nate Lovett vs mana-boozy (K.O.- Nate Lovett)

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  • TB Finals: Nate Lovett vs mana-boozy (K.O.- Nate Lovett)

    After 6 weeks of duking it out, amongst 16 competitors it has come down to these 2 show who has the skills to be named Thunderbrawl champ.

    Nate Lovett's Sarah Hammer has been shocking foes and breaking skulls with her giant electro hammer and mana-boozy's Dree has been relentlessly crushing anyone who gets in his way. It's time for the final duel of the first annual Thundernrawl. Engarde!

    Nate Lovett


    Page 2

    Page 3
    Nate Lovett's Sarah Hammer
    mana-boozy's Dree

    The poll is expired.

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    Page 4



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    Page 2


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      Page 3

      Page 4-5

      Page 6


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        I love that twist at the end, Nate. I just with there was some dialogue.


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          wow. these are both great! I Love the twist in Nate's but Mana Boozy brought it out again. Something about his style is just so freakin' kinetic (also love the inclusion of all the past fighters). I think I'm gonna wait awhile and think about this before I vote.


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            Originally posted by Spidey View Post
            I just with there was some dialogue.
            Whoah there guy, you might get bad rep'd for that kind of talk.

            Both contestants kicked @$$. Nate threw in a nice twist at the end which I liked and for a second I thought Mana drew a full comic lol I also like how Mana incorporated all the past contestants. Great show guys!
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              I've gotta go with Nate - the storytelling was just so much clearer, although I hesitated a bit because I have no idea what the motivation was for Atlas to help out at the end. Also props to Nate for nailing Dree - most of the other competitors seemed to have a harder time with that.

              Congrats to Mana-boozy though - it's awesome to see one of the newer members to the site go so deep in a competition of this size. I hope you stick around because I've really enjoyed your artwork.


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                Had to go with Nate, for some reason boozy this didnt have the same power as your other drawings.
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                  they're both a little confusing. but i vote for boozy for the coloring, and the last panel, where he somehow manages to get all the female characters to strip down to their underwear. I also like the continuity from both artists.


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                    it was pages 4 - 6 that swayed me to go with mana on this one, but both were excellent.
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                      Holy Cow, what great entries! I went with Nate, but the end of Mana's with the cameos by all the participants nearly swayed me. Great job, guys!
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                        Went with Nate, obviously-- this isn't even a real contest.

                        Sorry, mana... it's really nothing against ya, you're just sorta outclassed here. Nice showing, although not as strong as your previous rounds were.

                        What an amazing tournament this has been! Congrats to all involved.

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                          I voted for Nate.

                          But I have to say I enjoyed Mana's comic just as much, some of the art was confusing or looked unfinished, my favorite part was the double splash were Dree tears the hammer apart and you included every fighter!


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                            Wow! This contest has been so much fun to watch, and this last round didn't disappoint. Nate's pages as usual were very beautiful. He even pushed a little further with these and twisted the story line. I thought that his past pages were a little clearer so my vote went to Mana-Boozy - I thought his pages were great. I loved how Dree destroyed Sarah's tech especially the hammer panel. Also the addition of all the past fighters was my deciding factor - GREAT JOB by all!
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                              great entries and both are done a great job but i go with Nate.

                              I voted for Nate.
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