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Redesign Challenge: Martian Manhunter (K.O.- Ridge)

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    thank u 4 bringing back Adam West, Ridge. Thats like a classic episode there. lol
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      Everyone, you did awesome.

      Ridge: That illustration is freaking awesome.

      I went with thepunisher's re-design. I thought it was menacing and different. I like how he showed the interaction between the other leaguers as well. Nice Job.


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        The creativity and talent here never cease to amaze me. Great work one and all.

        ssjtom: Like the aggressive style & attitude of the piece but I think you may have shot yourself in the foot by pushing in too close.
        therealArturo. Very strong design. I'd buy this as a new costume.
        Jeremy Bear. The concept is great, the level of craft exceptional, and it's flat out fun too. Get's my vote.
        darth_geek. This cracks me up and answers an age old question. Red or white wine with nipple tape?
        TDCJason. Now that's a re-design. Well done. Especially love the nightmarish little hands.
        thepunisher. Out of all those I see as the serious re-designs I like this one the best. The second piece posted in the challenge thread really showed how well this would work. Excellent job.
        McNiel. Love the idea of J'onn as a loofa. I know If I had just made that multi million mile voyage from Mars I'd have just two things on my mind. Finding a place to pee and figuring out a way to see Wonder Woman naked. Glad you chose to showcase the latter.
        Beastie. So much fun as usual. Love the Man Kill IV and the V-neck trousers. (aka. Man Kill V?)
        Dri. Hate to admit it but I'm lost with the Dwight reference. Even so this is nicely done.

        Originally posted by Repo Man View Post
        However, as an old dude who grew up in the 1970s, Double Stuff Oreo cookies didn't come out until well into that decade. It's actually one of my fondest childhood memories.
        Would you believe it's a cover for the proposed 1978 series revival? No? Didn't think so. As an old guy myself, I should have known that and checked my references first but I was distracted with eating them.

        Special thanks to McNiel for suggesting Walston and getting me back at the drawing board.


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          Funny, I didn't put it together that ssjtom's pic was a whatcha-callit. Erm. "Homage."


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            You would think that with so many ppl on this site that draw that ppl don't notice. Homage is one thing but say hey i used a reference..
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              some of them were ace, Ridge, you should get the vote alone for including oreo's in the picture let alone for the comedy of it.
              Dri got the guy from the American office spot on,
              and rodger from American dad aswell.

              Think I'm gonna go with ridge though.
              - ssjtom circa 1987.


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