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  • Weekly Sketch Group #327

    Weekly Sketch Group #327

    Welcome to WSG #327! All PencilJack Members can participate in the weekly sketch group simply by posting a sketch, drawing, or painted-study of one of the topics below. If you don't like the topics, PM me with a topic you'd like to draw next week in the Sketch Group, and I will try to include it there !

    Weekly Sketch Group #327 Topics:

    1. Rocket Raccoon! He is an intelligent, anthropomorphic raccoon, who is an expert marksman and master tactician, and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy! The actor Bradley Cooper will be voicing this character in the 2014 big budget Marvel Movie!

    2. : The Goblin Queen! Madelyne Pryor-Summers, ex wife of Scott Summers (Cyclops of the X-men) became a scantily clad, uber-hawt, demon-posessed super villain chick back in the 90's. Now you can draw her! Link:

    3. Blanka from the Capcom Streetfighter games franchise, is the character to roll into the Character Redesign Laboratory this week!! YOU are the concept artist redesigning this character: the execs in charge want to see some brand-new takes on this established character! Do you radically redesign this character, or stay close to what made them an icon to begin with? Will you make a male character female (or vice versa?), a big character smaller, a hero a villain? It's up to YOU in this weeks Character Redesign Lab! LINK:

    4. :

    by Greg Anderson:

    His name is Is'nana, the Were-Spider and he is the son of the African God of Stories, Anansi. Crushed in his spider form, Anansi summons his son from the Outside Plane to help inspire people in his place. But Is'nana's travel to our world has caused a barrier to break, shifting reality and bringing forth horrors and it's now his duty to stop these horrors while searching for his father and helping people of the world break their mental walls.

    Is'nana's "human form" is that of a fit black man in his late 20s-early 30s, good looking. He usually likes to be in the nude due to being nude in his spider form but to fit in with humans, he wears African style clothing, and LOVES Dashikis. His hair is of a mohawk but with dread locks. He is very positive and likes to like at the bright side of things. He is very friendly, respectful, joyful, optimistic, and has a smile on his face.

    Is'nana is a mix of human and spider and can alternate between human looking and spider appearances. Sometimes he'll have multiple spider eyes, fangs, extra legs coming out of his back or out of his sides, etc. His appearances and spider abilities should be limitless. Maybe at some points he'll just be a giant spider or maybe similar to Alucard from Hellsing, he'll break apart and become a group of spiders. To heal himself, spiders can just cover his wounds and become a part of him.

    ==>> And there you have it, my fellow sketching enthusiasts! Sharpen those pencils, dip those pens, and start sketching!
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    loving these topics ..

    goblin queen ...ready for war-she is preparing her troops for a raid against the evil warlock stryker and stryker's elite cadre of gnomes ...

    and a sketch of goblin queen as spider man .... she is climbing on a gargoyle high atop manhattan ...this gargoyle is remarkably lifelike...could it be possessed by the spirit of hobgoblin? ...
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      Gave the Writer's Corner topic a shot.

      1st it Is'nana's physique. Wanted to give him a Anderson Silva body. Long and lean, and powerful.

      2nd is him in a dashikis and jeans.

      3rd is the spider form. Not quite happy with this one yet, and I might come back to it. I wanted to at least post all versions for Greg to see.
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          @Selkirk: Good job on the Goblin Queen sketches!
          @Veritas71: Glad you gave it a shot, those are 3 interesting looks at Greg's character!
          @aphdraws: Nice job on your Goblin Queen illustration!

          And here's a Rocket Raccoon that isn't enough raccoon and probably has too much dog in him -
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            My attempt at the Goblin Queen
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              loving the work so far guys ...@sean excellent rocket raccoon bro

              and a sketch of cammy fighting blanka (redesigned )...
              dateline: south africa, 1995
              cammy has been receiving reports of mysterious labs that are reportedly conducting human experimentation...S.I.N. operatives have been seen going in and out of these sites . cammy goes to investigate and in the ruins of one of the labs discovers blanka...but he is changed...he now has omega level powers and even more furious than ever . one senses a brawl is about to ensue
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              " ....If you are ashamed of buttcracks, you are probably ashamed to be drawing cartoons and shame on you for doing it." ... John K.


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                Woo more cool topics!

                Awesome stuff aphdraws, scmarooney, Selkirk, Veritas, Paladis! ^ _ ^ keep em comin"!



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                  Blanka redesigned. This version has no powers and uses high voltage batons to fight opponents.
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                    Kinda decided to throw classic Blanka and Goblin Queen together...not sure about Goblin Queen's left arm yet....but i'll figure something soon
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                        ^ These are awesome CrazyDiamond specially like the second one from the left is good to be the Goblin Queen if you need a stool you can always use your minions ^ _ ^


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                          The Blanka redesign has Tera written all over it.


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                            cool stuff so far this week,
                            heres an old school Rocket
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                              Somewhat of a redesign of Blanka. Mostly just less hair lol

                              and alternate color

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