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    Pg 18: 5 Panels

    Panel 1: Wide shot of the cosmonaut rockets landing at the Kremlin.

    Zomba: When ten years had passed and they still showed no sign of infection, we sent the cosmonauts ahead to herald our arrival.

    Panel 2: Same shot as panel 1 but this time there is a zombie UFO in front of the rockets and several UFOs in the sky behind them.

    Zomba: Imagine our surprise upon finding out that capitalism had all but stamped out communism in your world.

    Panel 3: shot of the New York city skyline. Make sure to include the statue of liberty.

    Zomba: Much like our planet, you had your cities of enlightenment, populated by worshipers of individuality...

    Panel 4: Montage of religious symbols. Include the cross, star of David, Muslim moon, Buddha, etc.

    Zomba: And your theocracies squabbling over whose culture was holier. We couldn't allow you to destroy yourselves like we had done.

    Panel 5: Close-up shot of the words "in God We Trust" on a dollar bill.

    Zomba: Even you capitalists, who claimed to separate your government and your church couldn't hide your hipocracy.

    Page 19: 5 Panels

    Panel 1: Close-up shot of the zomba's face from the front.

    Zomba: That is why we took over.

    Panel 2: Close-up shot of Drifter's face from teh front.

    Drifter: You know what's missing from your story? Permission!

    Panel 3: Same shot as panel 2 but Drifter is now clearly agitated.

    Drifter: Who the **** ever asked you and your kind for help?! From what I hear, even the Cubans refused to join your so-called crusade!

    Panel 4: Same shot as Panel 3

    Drifter: Quit the bullshit, Lady! You took over because you depleted the food sources on your planet and saw a buffet when the cosmonauts landed. If you're really here to help, why do you kill and eat us?!

    Panel 5: Same shot as panel 1 but the zomba is now smiling.

    Zomba: You're not as stupid as you look. It's a shame I won't get to taste your brain...

    Page 20: 4 Panels

    Panel 1: Front close-up shot of Jarhead. He is screaming.

    Jarhead: GET SOME!

    Panel 2: Wide shot of mecha Jarhead decapitating a mecha CZ with his bare hands. Three other mecha CZ are around him, two firing their eye lasers (and missing) while the third has his mouth open, steam coming out it.

    SFX: (near the mecha CZ's head as it is pulled off) KKRRLCHECK!!

    Panel 3: Same wide shot as Panel 2. This time mecha Jarhead is sweeping the mecha cz that was getting ready to spew acid off its feet with a kick. The mecha CZ is spewing the acid in mid air but it looks like the acid will land on one of the mecha CZs that is firing the lasers.

    SFX: (near the kick) CLANK!

    SFX: (near the acid) HSSS!

    Panel 4: Same wide shot as before. This time the acid is landing on the head of one of the CZs that was firing the lasers. The CZ that was swept is now lying on its back and mecha Jarhead, still kneeling, is shooting the other CZ in the head with a laser canon that came out of mecha Jarhead's forearm (it can be shown beginning to come out in the previous panel).

    SFX: (near the acid) TSSS!

    SFX: (near the CZ on its back) CLONK!

    SFX: (near the laser canon) P-CHOOM!
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      Pg 21: Splash page that looks extremely similar to issue one, Pg. 6. Mecha Jarhead is standing over the mecha CZ that was swept before and shooting it in the head with the laser canon. The headless bodies of the other CZs can be seen in the background, one with a melted clump where its head used to be and the other with the head completely blown off, burn marks around the throat hole.

      Mecha Jarhead: (in square balloon) and that's how it's done...

      SFX: PH-CHOOM!

      Page 22: Splash with two inlays.

      Inlay 1: Full shot from behind mecha Jarhead. We see for the first time that he is in the hangar where our heroes were given their mecha. Mecha Jarhead is looking up towards a row of tinted windows, clearly a command cneter.

      Fatman: (from inside the windows in "electrical" balloon to show it's coming from speakers) Very good. But now you need a round with a team...

      Inlay 2: Two hangar doors are opening from one of the walls.

      SFX: SH-RRMM!

      Splash: Five female mecha are standing in teh open hangar doorway. They are clearly mecha versions of the Hell's Belles and they are also clearly transformed versions of their planes. There must be no propellers though as they will have upgraded to jets by now.

      Pg 23: 4 Panels

      Panel 1: Shot of mecha Jarhead in contra posto.

      Jarhead: (in square balloon) Not my usual team, but I guess they'll have to do. Try to keep up, ladies.

      Panel 2: Bird's eye view of all the mechas in defensive stances as doors around the hangars open and CZ mechas run out of them. Not every door should be opened at the same time and more than one CZ will be coming out of the doorways.

      SFX: (near the doors) SH-RRM!

      SFX: (from the mecha CZ running towards our heroes) SKREEE!

      Panel 3: Half shot of mecha Jarhead punching a mecha CZ.

      Jarhead: Jesus, Fatman! How many of these things have you built?!

      SFX: (near the punch) KLANK!

      Panel 4: Shot of the inside of the control room. The Fatman is leaning over a control panel and speaking into a microphone. The control panel should have screens that show vitals of both the CZ and Hero mechas.

      Fatman: Twenty. And don't think it's easy rebuilding them after you destroy them!
      Commie Zombies From Outer Space
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