Welcome to the PJ Projects forum. This forum is dedicated to collaborative efforts among Penciljack members.

The following are the rules for posting in PJ Projects. Posts that violate these rules may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators:

New topics by mods
Currently, only moderators my post new topics in the PJ Projects forum. This is to ensure that only appropriate projects are posted. Should you want to start a new Project, feel free to contact the moderator with the details. If the PJ Projects moderator is unavailable, contact any other mod for help. Your new project topic will be posted as soon as possible and you'll be ready to go.

Members only
Only penciljack.com members are eligible to participate in PJ Projects. All aspects of the collaboration must be carried out by current PJ members.

Organizer = Project Editor
By default, the organizer of a given PJ Project assumes the role of editor of the project. This means the organizer will be responsible for leading the discussions concerning scripts, deadlines, contributors and the like. If you're uncomfortable in this role, either request that someone else organize the project or abdicate the responsibility once the project is under way.

Stop! Collaborate and listen ...
Collaboration is the entire purpose for the PJ Projects forum. All PJ Projects should be group efforts in every aspect. Though the Project Editor is responsible managing the project, group decisions rule the content of the project. For example, even though one member will be charged with writing the script, the theme and genre and characters must be decided upon by the group before the script is written.

It is important that all work involved in a project be created by the members of that project for that project. Do not use preexisting work (i.e. scripts and/or artwork) to complete a project.

Respect the commitment
Collaboration is simultaneously the most fun and the most frustrating aspect of organizing a project. When all the collaborators pitch in and work on finishing the project, the results can be amazing. However, when a project continually stalls because some members are unable to complete their work (for whatever reason), the project can be a source of extreme stress.

Knowing that, please carefully consider whether you have time to participate in a given project before you commit to the project. If you find that you no longer have time to work on a project after you've already committed to it, don't be shy about letting your collaborators know. Oftent your collaborators will be understanding and may be willing to extend your deadline, though they aren't required to do so and may instead choose to find a replacement. In any event, it's easier to avoid hurt feelings and ill will if you're upfront and honest about the problem. However if you find yourself in a situation where you've been removed from a project, please be understanding and graceful about it.

The following are the rules for posting in any Penciljack Forums. Topics that violate these rules may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators:

No solicitations or promotion
Help us keep Penciljack.com free of promotion and advertising for as long as possible. Please restrict any and all solicitation, promotion and advertising to the News & Announcements forum. This includes calls for artists/writers, press releases, announcements about your new Web site and/or comic, and the like. And please, don't try to disguise promotion by posting a token piece of artwork, etc. Topics deemed to be primarily promotional or solicitous, etc. will be deleted or moved to News & Announcements.

Post your own work
Please post only work that you created yourself. It is acceptable to post your inks over someone else's pencils, for example, but it is not appropriate to post other artists' work, even as a surrogate for them. [NOTE: For obvious reasons, this rule is relaxed somewhat in the PJ Projects forum. Sometimes it is necessary for collaborators to help other members meet deadlines, etc. by posting artwork for them. This practice is acceptable within the confines of a project with which you are involved]

Post artwork only
If you are unable, for whatever reason, to post your image inline, please link directly to the image (or the the HTML page that houses it). Do not post links to Web site front pages, indexes or galleries and force other members to navigate to the artwork in question. Topics that do not contain clear, direct links to artwork will be considered Announcements and moved to the appropriate forum.

Do not post nudity in inline images
Some Penciljack members and guests are minors and/or are viewing the forums at work or at school. Be considerate of these folks, and don't post any artwork that contains any degree of nudity as an "inline" image (i.e. using the [img] tags). Instead, post the image as a link and include a warning about the content in the body of the post, not in the topic title. Topics that violate this rule will be edited or removed, at the discretion of the moderators.

Do not post inline images with content unsuitable for Prime Time network television
Keep in mind that we try to maintain an all-ages forum here. If you're posting any image that wouldn't be allowed on Prime Time television (taking into consideration language, violence, content, etc.), post it as a link rather than an inline image.

Do not post images containing explicit sexuality or "ultra" violence
If your image wouldn't earn an R rating (a la the movies), then please, don't show it here at all. Explicit sex and violence are inappropriate for this all-ages site.

Name topics descriptively
Please don't name topics wildly in an attempt to get more comments, and don't use all manner and sorts of special characters and/or ALL CAPS to garner more attention. If everyone does the same, then it will just make it that much harder for members and guests to find the threads they're interested in.

No double posting
The current forum layout is designed to maximize each Topic's exposure so that everyone's artwork gets a fair shake. So please, do not post a given piece of artwork in more than one Studio forum.

If you completed a piece of artwork for a Critical Mass project, a PJ Project or for an Arena duel, then by all means, feel free to post it in the most appropriate Studio forum as well. But please do not post it in more than one of the Studio forums.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Feel free discuss these rules in the Penciljack Info forum.

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These rules may be revised and/or added to at any time by any representative of Penciljack.com. Please also periodically review the Penciljack Forum Guidelines & Etiquette and the Penciljack Terms of Service as your continued use of this Web site and its features constitutes your consent to be bound by those documents.