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The Jeremy Dale Tribute Thread

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  • The Jeremy Dale Tribute Thread

    We've all heard the sad news by now that fellow Penciljack member Jeremy Dale has passed away. Jeremy was pretty much exactly what Penciljack was designed to foster; he started here as a developing artist, worked hard to get better, and became both a skilled professional with a growing (and gorgeous) body of work, and a mentor to many of us trying to make the same journey.

    The idea behind this thread was two-fold: to create a place for us to pay tribute to a mentor and colleague, and, to do what we can to contribute financially to his widow and partner (and Penciljack community member) Kelly Dale, who faces medical and funeral costs as well as the loss of the ongoing projects that she and Jeremy made a living from. Anyone who's lived this terrible situation, or watched someone close to us to so, knows that the monetary costs are often overwhelming, and its at a time when we are least able to deal with worldly matters. Any little bit that we can contribute can make a big difference, letting Kelly focus on her emotional needs and getting the support she needs instead of scrambling to deal with money problems.

    Anyway, the basic concept here is pretty simple: make some artwork using Jeremy's characters and projects (see below for resources of his many creations), or inspired by his body work; share it here on this thread (feel free to write about what Jeremy and his work meant to you personally), and also let us know how you are using the artwork to help generate donations for Kelly.

    As for that last part, here is an example: my plan is to make a Skyward piece; its my favorite of Jeremy's properties, and I've already started working on it. I will do the lines on paper, and color it digitally. Once its finished, I plan to "sell" the lines for a donation; whoever wants to "buy" it can send me a screen cap of their donation, and I'll mail them the work. I'm also going to sell hi-res versions of the colors in the same way: send me a screen cap of a donation (any amount), and I'll shoot you the hi-res for prints or desktops. People are free to do this same thing, or find some other way to use the work they make to keep the donations flowing.

    Right now, I've been directing people to the GoFundMe page set up to help with medical and funeral costs. Smitty is looking into using Hero Initiative to set up a more long-term fund for Kelly; I'll add that information to this post as soon as it becomes available. And Manji is connecting with the Dale family friends who are coordinating the benefit activities on that end, to make sure that whatever we do comes in the form best suited for Kelly's needs; again, I'll update here as soon as any information becomes available.

    In the meantime, I invite all of you who felt a connection to either Jeremy himself or his unique body of work to make and post a tribute in whatever form feels appropriate to you. This is not about how skilled you are or where you career is at this given moment; its just about using the medium of comics and visual art to pay respect to one of our own. So please, don't be shy; flood this thread with Jeremy Dale tributes, and lets pay our respects and say goodbye in proper form. Jeremy would have almost certainly loved to have seen the entire community here play with his creations, so lets make something that would have (or will ) made him smile.



    Jeremy's own website gallery is the best place to start. "Skyward","Miserable Dasterds" and "Absolute Zeros" are the projects I first think of when I think of Jeremy, but honestly, thats just the tip of the iceberg. Tons a great stuff there, as well asother places around his site.

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    This is awesome. Count me in - I'll definitely do some art for this and use your process for donation rewards Adam. Thanks for getting this started.
    Cheers, Alex


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      Fully with you Adam.
      I will definitely contribute.As a community I would also like to suggest we dedicate December pummel to Jeremy.
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        Never heard of the guy, but he sounds like a truly awesome person. Very glad to see that the fund is a success.


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          Originally posted by Adam Masterman View Post
          Smitty is looking into using Hero Initiative to set up a more long-term fund for Kelly
          Called and e-mailed. Got an e-mail back saying it's being forwarded to the best party available....

          Insert Final Jeopardy theme here... dumm de dumm dada dum de dum....


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            I heard back from Joe and Allison and the fundraisers now are for the immediate needs, which are many (hospital bills etc), but after that they will do one more fundraiser which will include artwork from artists. They will put out a formal art call at that point.

            BUT in the meantime, I told them that we would start collecting print quality scans of artwork by PJ members, so that means no crappy cellphone photos etc of you work - I'm looking at you Manji.

            They were honored and very appreciative of your idea Adam and said that they would keep us in the loop when they iron out the details.

            So in the meantime guys and gals let's start producing some amazing art for an amazing person. As Adam said earlier, it would be best to keep it within Jeremy's Skyward universe, check the first post for link references.
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              Went ahead and stickied this thread so it doesn't get lost.
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                Originally posted by amadarwin View Post
                Went ahead and stickied this thread so it doesn't get lost.
                Thanks Amadarwin; I messaged Scott, but you beat him too it. And thanks Manji and Smitty for handling those communications. Looking forward to seeing everyone's tributes, I think this will bring out the best in us.
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                  it always hits me hard when i hear about a comic book artist passing away unexpectedly and early. its hard hearing them pass away at an older age too, but at least they fulfilled their legacy, got to draw a lot and see themselves reach their maximum potential. i hadnt heard a lot about jeremy dale when i heard of his passing away, but i loved his art the moment i saw it, and it broke my heart to think i would never be able to see what he came up with as he matured into a greater artist. its always hard for me to see an artist go. i will help out as much as possible with this tribute thread.
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                    I am in for this. Is there anyway we may be able to do either a sketchbook or some kind of tribute book along with the original artwork sales?
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                      Jeremy was the first person to reply to my first post on my member art blog 5 years ago. He was always polite, helpful and supportive to everyone, and one of the best artists around. I haven't really bought comics in years, but have thought about picking up Skyward. Now I definitely will be. I'll also happily contribute to an art project and will be doing some Skyward stuff in the near future. My condolences to his wife and family.


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                        I did not know anything about Jeremy Dale until I started reading about him here on the boards following his passage. It makes me really wish I had gotten an opportunity to get to know him here on the site and interact with him like some of you did. In reading various articles about him on the Internet, it made me realize he was living the dream that most of us here have; doing something he loved and doing it on his own terms. Taking that into consideration only makes his passage as such a young age that much more saddening. Don't know if this is the right thread to be posting this on, but it seems appropriate that this is where I should pass on my sincerest condolences and prayers for peace to those who called Jeremy family and friend.


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                          No WSG next week out of respect for Jeremy's passing. I'll post some of stuff here along with everyone else soon.
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                            Originally posted by spidey976 View Post
                            I am in for this. Is there anyway we may be able to do either a sketchbook or some kind of tribute book along with the original artwork sales?
                            I think once the official announcement comes from Jeremy's camp in Atlanta there will be an art call for a tribute book. They were happy to hear that the PJ community was also thinking about doing this and overall it would be best (and easiest) to combine our efforts. I'm not 100% sure that is how it will all happen but I'm fairly confident it will turn out that way.

                            In the meantime however, those interested should produce quality artwork suitable for print. If for some reason not everyone's art is included or whatever. I will still obtain the needed information to make sure Kelly Dale receives the art, the money from the art or whatever.

                            So in the nutshell, let's produce some quality work so we're prepared for whatever opportunity is made available to help.

                            I know many have donated money, which is always needed in a situation like this, but it's also safe to say Jeremy would have loved to see everyone's take on his characters - especially to help Kelly.
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                              I've already started mine. I feel horrible that it took Jeremy's passing for me to draw his characters and that he won't get to see it. I know that elation when someone draws something of yours - it's a special feeling and we, as artists feed off of that - it would have made me smile knowing he appreciated the thought and it makes me feel crummy that I never did more as appreciation for what he gave me.

                              All of you guys are precious to me. You've influenced and propelled me for the last six years. I know we're not all buddy-buddy, but we know each other in a way that regular folks don't because we share some common goals. I have no idea what I'm rambling on about - I think I'm just really bummed about this whole situation, and while I know drawing Jeremy's characters will hopefully help Kelly financially, I'm still depressed while doing it. I feel guilty in some way for never doing this earlier, if that makes sense. Either way, this is all a good thing we're doing and I'm proud to be part of it.
                              Cheers, Alex


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