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DMC Game - Doomsmith (5-3)

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  • DMC Game - Doomsmith (5-3)

    In case you'd like to participate in more PJ community-style games here's the "Draw My Character Game."

    It's a simple game. Someone starts by posting a sketch of a character they've created. The next person in line draws a picture of that character and posts a sketch of their own character, ad infinitum, or ad nauseam, as the case may be.

    You will have to reserve a spot in the thread, and then edit your post with your drawings. You have 48 hours to post your drawing after the drawing before yours is posted. If you do not make it by the deadline, you will be skipped.

    As of August 17th, 2009, there will only be two placeholders per person allowed at one time. This will allow a greater mix of people getting their characters drawn by other people, and it will cut the down on time for the waiting list. Please be courteous of other participants and don't post another placeholder if you already have two.

    Please do not post comments in this thread unless you are also reserving a space to participate. It will break the flow and someone might mistakenly assume that you are signing up. If you would like comments on your piece, please cross-post it to the appropriate Lab forum.

    If you are concerned about load-time or bandwidth issues, please feel free to post just a link or a small thumbnail with a link to reduce load time.

    Here's the Original Thread and the Second Thread.

    Edit: Original Thread ( and the Second Thread (

    Any questions, please PM me instead of asking in the thread.
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    Ok lyed. Felt like drawing so i did. I drew Horus from Egyptian mythology. I no its not perfect but it took me under a hour lol


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      lets see if we can get this going again, i'll draw your guy

      And my guy, Power Patriot:
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        Here you go. Sorry I didnt draw legs but I drew it and it didnt look as good as the circle. hope you like

        This is a quick sketch of my new character. Viking that works in the office. Dont know why it just came to mind that way. Its a little cartoony for me but thats how i whip out quick ideas lol. The other character is a friends character who does some weird magic stuff.


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            OK, I think I messed up Mr. Hades' character, but here 'tis--

            And, for Scott, this silly thing--

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              Pencils if you wanna see 'em.
              Here's Captain Space Koala for fatmancomics!

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                Alright, I'm in and this is my version of Space Koala:

                And the Guardian for Archerion:

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                  Here is Fatmancomics:

                  And here is my char:
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                        CD gave me color, so i return the favor. I like this broad, she reminds me of the hooker from Baschi's Street Fight.

                        And here's mine, nother chicka. Since the pose covers up some of the outfit i'm including sone thumbnail sketches. And the monster head that shimmers around her's when she's using her psycho naughty tentacles and such. Whomever get's it have fun, and if you do colors feel free to choose whatever you like as i haven't decided what to go with.

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                          Ok here's Plogs' decided to go slightly diff and have the creature wrap around

                          and mine, his name is 'D'...
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                            Relik (again):
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                              Here you go Mr. Hades. I wish I could have spent more time on it, but I really wanted to color it. I really suck at colors so I don't know why I wanted to color it, but hey everyone else was coloring theirs. He turned out to be harder to draw than I thought with that attached cape so I went with a simple pose. I beefed him up and gave him oversized claws. Just tried to change him up a bit.

                              I'm terribled at sizing stuff so sorry for the size of these images. I'll do better next time.

                              Here is mine... have fun.
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