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Penciljack Artist Trading Card Exchange

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  • Penciljack Artist Trading Card Exchange

    PencilJack Artist Trading Card Exchange

    ATC's have been all the rage the last few years, and you have no doubt seen them around. Usually however the only way to get ahold of these precious one-of-a-kind cards is to buy them from others. I propose that we artists here on Penciljack get together and build our own collections together. So what do you say pencilheads? Want to have fun and draw for each other?

    Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern baseball cards,[1] or 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches (63 mm X 89 mm),[2] small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets.[3] The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origins in Switzerland.[4] Cards are produced in various media, including dry media (pencils, pens, markers, etc.), wet media (watercolor, acrylic paints, etc.), paper media (in the form of collage, papercuts, found objects, etc.). The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold.

    Sound like Fun? Here is how to Join!
    • I [Olevander] will post here in the forum offering myself up for a Sketch Card request.
    • The first person to post after me can claim my card on the condition they in turn offer themselves for the next person.
    • Each person is allowed to 'queue' up two cards at one time, to ensure that one person isn't getting all the cards.
    • It is up to the artist to decide wether they want to allow their claimer to pick the art, Or if they want to offer up a specific subject for their card.
    • Addresses are to be exhanged over PM between the two parties in question, do not post them here.
    • Once finished you can post your sketchcard in the forum, and I will update the first page so that everyone can see what is being passed around. This however is totally optional.
    • You are responsible for your own cards. If someone owes you a card, it's your responsibility to nag them until they send it to you.

    We really hope that we can make this a fun and successful project for this group. If you join and claim a card, please know that you need to offer a card as well. Cards are to be sent via postage. Please have fun and be responsible, only claim a card if you know you can spend the time on your side of the deal.

    Lets get this party started!
    When you want to offer up a card post with this form. :3

    [b]Claiming:[/b] (Their name)
    [b]Name:[/b] (Your name)
    [b]My card offered is:[/b] (Requestable) or 
    (Specific Theme)
    Offered -> Claimed List

    Finished Trades
    ScottEwen------ Spidey [Spiderman]
    ScottEwen-------C.M Cooza Dr. Strange
    cm_cooza-------AjKarp Wolfman
    Olevander------ ScottEwen [Wolverine]
    Olevander------P.R. Man [Roxy]
    CmCooza------ScottEwen Batman
    Olevander------Larq2525 [blue beetle]
    Ajakarp------Olevander Kat girl
    PR Man------ScottEwenManGull
    Olevander-------SpideyBlack Widow
    Ajkarp------P.R. ManTom Strong
    P.R. Man--------CmCoozaFlash
    GreenSkyZ-----NecenarroInvisible Woman
    JesseM------GreenSky Zero
    macksamillyon------AjakarpStar Trek
    Larq------MacksamillyonAfro Samurai
    Spidey----- Selkirk
    ScottEwen------Olevander - Rogue
    ScottEwen------ajkarp - Fearless Dawn

    Shipping Tips

    A standard letter will cost you 44 cents to ship. So one stamp.
    Putting your cards sandwiched in cardboard.. will cost you about 3 stamps.
    USA/Canada only at the moment, unless worked out between offerer and claim-ee.

    A joint project between ScottEwen and Olevander.
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    Claiming: Olevander
    My Name: Scott Ewen
    Offering: Spider-Man for Spidey.

    Just finished my Spider-Man sketch card. Once the paint dries I'll scan it and post it here.

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      Awesome idea. /In

      Sweet card, Scott.

      Claiming: Scott Ewen (Spider-Man)
      My Name: Spidey
      Offering: Witchblade for Selkirk

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        Claiming witchblade from Spidey

        Originally posted by Selkirk
        offeringsylocke for macksamillyon
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          ooh.. i wanna do this. count me in
          Damn and i thought i had talent


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            So, I will be claiming a card from ?, then I will be offering a card to the next person? But I should wait for a suggestion? I'm cornfused.

            I don't know where else to post this.
            Kitty Lady- Finished
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              Claiming: Ajkarp
              My Name: Olevander
              Offering: Requestable.

              Sorry about the confusion I am just gonna accept the posts of people who said I'm in, and the partners will have to pm eachother. New project wasnt sure how to go about it.
              So you are paired with macksamillyon. I'm gonna go ahead and claim your card and offer up a second one.

              You can que up two cards before you need to wait for the completion of the two cards you owe.
              Upon confirmation of completion you can go ahead and claim more. So i have to wait till i finish these two cards i owe before i can claim any other. Also, just edit your posts and pm each other to keep down confusion.

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                claiming: freefall from Gen13 by Olevander
                my Name, P.R. Scholtz
                Offering: Mr. Hero, the Pnumatic man for Scott Ewen

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                  I'mma get me a PR Man sketch.

                  Claiming: The P.R. Man - your choice of character
                  My Name: Scott Ewen
                  Offering: Dr. Strange for CM_Cooza

                  I've penciled the Dr. Strange card now but since I've already gone through the process of cleaning my inking brush for the night, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to ink and paint it.

                  Originally posted by necenarro View Post
                  This is an awesome idea, Olevander! Maybe you (& others) can post mediums they use with cards?

                  (I think I'm wondering it personally... Is everyone just using bristol board for the cards?)
                  I use 14 x 17 Bristol for my comic pages and just shave three inches off the side of every page. I found that that 3 x 17 strip can be cut into four cards. It holds watercolors well but I had to leave it under a heavy book for a couple hours to get rid of the warping.

                  EDIT: Finished mine:

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                    This is an awesome idea. And Scott, your first card is awesome!

                    Claiming: Scott Ewen - Doc Strange, or your own choice!
                    Me: Chris
                    Offering: Request

                    Scott - so cool man - love it.

                    Here's a The Wolfman for AJ!
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                      I'm next! ( I'm liking this!)

                      Claiming: CM_Cooza . Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, or The Wolfman. A reimagined classic.
                      Name: AJ
                      My card offered is: Tom Strong -finished

                      I just fixed my error in costume color!
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                        Claiming: A.J.'s superb rendition of Tom Strong
                        name: P.R. Scholtz
                        Offering: The Flash
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                        P.R. Scholtz
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                          So is P.R. Man the last one to offer a card? If so I will jump back in line to get one.

                          Claiming: PR Man - The Flash (any version)
                          Name: Chris
                          Offering: Request - Batman for Scott

                          Here's your Batman Scott! Hope you like.
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                            Claiming: CM_Cooza - Batman please
                            Name: Scott Ewen
                            Offering: Rogue for Olevander

                            I sent my Spider-Man card to Spidey today, by the way. I forgot to ask CM_Cooza's address or I would have sent that too, but now that I have it I'll be sending the Dr. Strange card tomorrow.

                            I've been away from my drawing desk since Thursday and won't be going back home until tomorrow, which is why I haven't started on this. I will though! I wiiiiiill!

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                              Name: Olevander
                              Offering : Request

                              blue beetle

                              it ate the colors.. looks better in real life promise.

                              Got Wolvie done and he will be mailed tomorrow with P.R's
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