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  • Happy Holidays!
    by penciljack

    It's been a challenging, hack-filled year for, and we've just recently picked up most of the pieces from the latest hacktastrophe. Nonetheless, we're excited about getting into 2014 and look forward to what the new year brings.

    We thank you for all the patience and support you've given us. Here's hoping you and yours have a terrific holiday season!...
    12-24-2013, 12:12 AM
  • We've MOVED!
    by penciljack

    Folks, the server transfer is complete. Pending DNS propogation times (which could take up 12 hours depending on your ISPs settings), most of you should be seeing as it is on the new server.
    06-15-2012, 12:17 AM
  • needs YOUR help
    by penciljack has survived for more than 10 years thanks entirely to you folks. You've proven to be a loyal, resilient and incredibly patient community and many of you kept the lights on and engines running even when I was AWOL. Following a lot of our recent server issues (double posts, anyone? double posts anyone?) many of you have reached out to me in posts, PMs and e-mails and indicated you'd be willing to donate to help improve the site. At this time, we're accepting d...
    05-24-2012, 02:24 PM
  • Penciljack Undergoes Server Maintenance, possible forum software upgrade
    by penciljack
    Folks, in light of some recent issues we've had, I'm working to optimize the server configuration and may be performing a software change this weekend as well. Please be patient if you notice the site
    03-23-2012, 10:33 PM
  • Blogs are back!
    by penciljack
    Blogs are back!
    We're pleased to announce the Blogs are back! We encountered a few permissions issues early on but everything seems to be going well now. Regular, registered members currently have the ability to create blog posts, though we reserve the right to change that in the future.

    How do I create a blog post?
    Creating a blog post is easy! Simply click the Blogs link in the top nagivation ...
    ... and then click the "Create New Post" button on t...
    05-18-2011, 03:07 PM
  • New at!
    by penciljack

    What's this? Content? Here? At Well, yes! But first, a bit of backstory ...

    There are a few loyal members who have stuck with us for the whole ten years (plus!) who will no doubt remember that old classic " is getting ready to launch any day now."

    Some slightly less crotchety and elderly members will likely remember the old refrain, "Okay, no, for real this time" and the ever popular "REALLY for real this time, I swear!" Mem...
    05-11-2011, 04:14 PM