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Thread: Mother And Child painting

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    Mother And Child painting

    Here’s a few photos of a “Mother and Child” painting i am working on.
    This is a shop bought canvas so it was already stretched and gessoed. I wanted a textured surface to work on so i applied a layer of modelling compound and worked it with an old metal comb giving it the appearance of heavy brush strokes.

    This canvas will be rolled up and posted overseas so it was important that texture would not crack. I can highly recommend Atelier’s modelling compound . It’s flexible and can be used before or during painting.

    Once i finalised the design i squared it up and transferred to the canvas. I usually use carbon paper or tracing paper to transfer designs but this is quite a large painting so the grid method worked fine. Now that the design is on the canvas i am all ready to paint.

    Firstly, the canvas gets a wash of Burnt umber. Using my value roughs as a guide i block in the dark, mid and light values with a mix of Burnt umber and Payne’s grey. Then the main colours are sketched in. At this early stage i keep things very rough and don’t worry about losing the drawing underneath. I am also open about changing aspects of the design since you want to give the painting a chance to have a life of its own.

    You can see some early sketches for this painting here.

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    Wow, looks like it's gonna be absolutely great.
    Sign your rep, What's a' matter Mcfly


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    I like it.

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    I agree, this painting is awesome! Love the grid system

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    Very cool kinda give me the stained glass vibe.


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