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Thread: P.U.M.M.E.L. Stats and Records

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    P.U.M.M.E.L. Stats and Records

    This is for tracking purposes.
    Example (use this as a template):

    Rank: number
    Wins: --
    Losses: --
    Knockouts: --
    Months champion: --

    List urls to your matches
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    AdultBraces (1-0-0)
    Rank: 10
    Wins: 1
    Losses: 1
    Knockouts: 1
    Months champion: 0

    Adultbraces' Stats Spreadsheet

    Match Links
    PUMMEL Round1: adultbraces Vs. PLOG Win by KO.
    PUMMEL Round2: adultbraces Vs. dfBoveyLoss by KO.
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    Rank: 13
    Wins: 1
    Losses: 2
    Knockouts: 0
    Months champion: 0

    Match Links:
    ScottEwen vs Bathill8 (tournament round 1) - loss
    ScottEwen vs JC Immortal (street fight) - win
    ScottEwen vs Brokenhill (street fight) - loss

    Spreadsheet link:
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    Middle Weight
    Wins: 9
    Losses: 5
    Knockouts: 3
    Months Champion: 2

    Match Links:
    Lose vs Popninja (KO Pop)
    Win Round 1 vs StrayTangent (KO)
    Win Round 2 Vs Captain All That (KO)
    Win Round 3 vs Anubis2kx (KO)
    Lose Championship Round vs ThrashArt (KO Thrash)
    Win July Ranked Match. ThrashArt a No show
    Win August Ranked Match: vs Anubis2kx
    Lose September Ranked Math: JC Immortal
    Win September WILDCARD MATCH KO over NickGuy:
    Loss October Ranked Match: Anthony Henry Win ... Pigeonmilk and spidey976 Loss
    Win Dec Ranked Match: vs Breck
    Loss January: vs pigeonmilk
    Win August No Show TGing
    Win Septermber vs ABraun

    Link to Stats
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    Rank: 3
    Wins: 9
    Losses: 5
    Knockouts: 7
    Months champion: 0
    Stats Spreadsheet

    Match Links:
    VS Popninja - Win (TKO)
    VS Nickguy - Loss (default)
    VS ENTITY - Win (TKO)
    VS Telekinetic Ketchup - Win (TKO)
    VS Doomsmith - Win
    VS Doomsmith pt 2 - Win (TKO)
    VS Dri - Loss
    w/ Spidey and Archerion VS physicdesigns, JC Immortal, and VIM 22 - Win (default)
    w/ Spidey and Archerion VS Dri, cold_blooded_angel, & mana-boozy - Loss (default)
    VS Turtle Boat - Win (TKO)
    VS Spidey - Win (TKO)
    VS Archerion - Loss (TKO)
    VS Taro Mochi - Win (TKO)
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    Light Heavyweight
    Rank: 0
    Wins: 10
    Losses: 11
    Knockouts: 7
    Months champion: 0

    Stats sheet

    Tourney fights:
    R1. Spidey vs Deth (win -k.o.)
    R2. Spidey vs Archerion (loss) default

    Street fights:
    1. Spidey vs StrayTanGent (win -k.o.)
    2. Spidey vs Silverskies (win -t.k.o.) I was bamboozled!
    3. PhysicDesigns vs Spidey (loss)
    4. 3 on 3: Spidey, gadgetwk, & Archerion vs physicdesigns, JC Immortal, & VIM 22 (win) default
    5. Spidey, gadgetwk, & Archerion vs Dri, cold_blooded_angel, & mana-boozy (loss) default
    6. Spidey vs Deth (win -k.o.)
    7. Spidey vs hadesillustrations (loss)
    8. Spidey vs alexcat321 (win -k.o.)
    9. Spidey vs KrisDiaz (Loss)
    10. Spidey vs ArmstrongArts (win -k.o.)
    11. Spidey vs Teratophile (win)
    12. Spidey vs Ra Havok (loss)

    Monthly Match ups
    Jul 09: Spidey vs Popninja (loss) default
    Aug 09: Spidey vs gadgetwk (loss)
    Sep 09: Spidey vs slam vs Doomsmith (loss)
    Oct 09: Spidey vs Ballpoint (loss)
    Mar '11: Spidey vs Whune(loss)
    Apr '11: Spidey vs JC Immortal(win)
    May '11: Spidey vs Popninja (win -k.o.)
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    Blog Entries

    Rank: ?
    Wins: 9
    Losses: 8
    Knockouts: 4
    Months champion: 0
    Stat sheet

    Match Links:
    1. K.O. Jared Lee
    2. Win by default over Gadgetwk
    3. K.O. over Telekinetic Ketchup
    4. K.O. over Thordad
    5. Forfeit from sadman2000
    6. 41-29 over Johnny Blaque
    7. 31-25 over Telekinetic ketchup
    8. 35-31 over fatmancomics
    9. K.O. over willesee

    1. 30-29 vs selkirk
    2. Knocked out by asaru
    3. Knocked out by Popninja
    4. Knocked out by gadgetwk
    5. Knocked out by slam
    6. Knocked out by StudioMe
    7. loss to MrBojangles
    8 knocked out by asaru
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