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Thread: hadesillustrations ideas and progress

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    hadesillustrations ideas and progress

    J. B. - arms dealer/freelancer

    Don't have a name for this cat yet but I have a story laid out for him. Neo-gothic sci-fi.

    Jack - a character I've drawn for years. He may finally be seeing print shortly.
    Cheers, Alex

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    YAY you started a sketchbook! Kewl start btw.

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    Thanks man - I've been meaning to and the pages I'm inking right now are kicking my ass, so I figured now was as good a time as any to start getting input on a few ideas I've had.

    I hope it's ok that I'll be posting a lot of half finished crap. I'll get part way through one idea, then get another idea and have to draw that, and so on.
    Cheers, Alex

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    Solid solid stuff guy.
    like the misproportions of Jack.

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    Yeah - I gave him Crumb feet.
    Cheers, Alex

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    Pin-up that won't get done as the characters don't look like this. Too bad.
    Cheers, Alex

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    These were character concepts done for a creator I met online. I don't think this particular idea went anywhere.
    Cheers, Alex

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    Alien race designs:

    Cheers, Alex


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